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Private appointment tomorrow

Hi ladies,

Not posted for a while as things have been difficult, for those who

Don’t me I have stage 4 Endometriosis, Adenomiosis PCOS. I seen the big guy consultant a few weeks ago and he wants me to go for another MRI to see if it has spread and a colonoscopy to see how deep it runs in my bowl, this is really frightening me as he told me he needs to operate on my endo and that it will need to be done at a hospital that I really have had a bad experience with in the past. They said I need to go to this hospital because that’s were the bowl doctors are and bladder, my surgery is going to involve a group of doctors from two hospitals, I would not be worried so much if it was at another hospital, again for those who don’t know me, last year I lost the feeling in my pelvis/upper legs and have been left in a wheelchair since then (so about a year ago) this was the worst time of my life and I really don’t want to go back to that hospital, we were also told we need to get pregnant quickly and this could hold my operation off for a while, we have been trying for 8yrs now with no luck, the consultant said I may not be able to get pregnant after surgery because it’s very likely I will be having a bowl resection, we have been advised to try and apply for special funding for IVF which are GP is on to, while we wait as we know time is not on my side, we have a private appointment tomorrow with my gynaecologist to discuss doing the IUI treatment because I am still not ovulating since my lap, I am really scared the IUI won’t work and they say no to IVF. That means game over for me having children and I don’t know how I am going to

Handle that, it’s killing me inside and feel like i want to scream 😂😂

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Of course you want to and with damn good reason. You are in a tough corner. However you will not know anything until all the test results are in, so relax. Is there anyway you can go out after your appointment and treat yourself , so you have something to look forward to regardless of what happens at the appointment?


Not really, I know going in for the IUI won’t be a problem as he can’t really say

No seen as we are playing him, but from my last surgery he did say my right side was in good condition and there was no reason why we can’t get pregnant by ourselves but unfortunately I have still ovulated since surgery so I really need to do this treatment for the drugs, I am dreding it though because I know the drugs are going to feed the Endometriosis , fingers crossed x


I know it's hard but try not to worry until you get your MRI results and know what you're facing. Good luck with the gynaecologist appointment, big hugs xxxxxxx

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I don't know all the details of why is going on for you but some bits sound similar to me. I've got severe endo and it's also on my bowel. I had to have a sigmoidoscopy and an MRI to determine if it had infiltrated my bowel - luckily it hadn't but they have still said to me similar to what you are saying that I will Need bowel surgeons as well as Gynae ones doing the op. Try not to worry too much (I know it is easier said than done) but at least they are going to have more specialists there doing the operation, and it sounds like they are takin it seriously.I really hope it all goes well for you with the IVF etc if you need it, will keep all fingers crossed for you.

All the best


How did it go?


Hi ladies,

Just got back from my appointment, we are going ahead with the IUI treatment, my gynaecologist dose not think we will be accepted for IVF funding because of my BMI, so hoping they take into consideration me being stuck in the wheelchair, he also said if on a slim chance I get the funding I would have to have the operation first because I now only have one tube, we’re my bowl is stuck to my womb it is in the way we’re they need to put the needle through so I need to have them separated first, I am really scared the IUI won’t work because there is no way in a million years I can find that kind of money for IVF, they are also arranging counciling for me, fingers crossed it works, I am having it with the IVF drugs because the Clomid did not work and I was on it for two years before all this other stuff happened, I am trying my best to stay strong but it is really hard with what I have had thrown at me the past year, it just feels like every time I try and stay positive I get hit with something else, there is only so much one person can handle and feels like I hit that a long time ago when I ended up in hospital for 3 months, came out in a wheelchair and then tried to kill myself because I couldn’t take anymore.

Sometimes I feel like I must be a really horrible person to deserve all this x


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