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Confusing Subject including, AF, Spotting and IVF!

Hi Ladies,

So I’ll jump right in.

I have stage 4 endo, IBS, PCOS and a lot of damage due to a lap that went wrong in 2010.

My AF was messed up but over the last year, it’s found it’s regular cycle being between 28-32 days.

So at Christmas, we decided we would go for IVF, mini yey!

So we’re booked in for the first appointment on 31st Jan. (3 days away)


My last AF was 25/12/18, I then had spotting 15 days later on 09/01/18 (literally not even red, TMI just brown and light pink for under an hour.

I was due my AF around 22-26/01/18.

It’s now 29/01/18 and nothing...

I’m terrified as I have fallen pregnant previously, but it never showed on the scans and I always get told to not get my hopes up.

Then I miscarried.

Do I test,

Or wait for my appointment in 3 days?

I know if I test, it more than likely wouldn’t show up even if I was pregnant. I’m terrified of naturally beibg pregnant as I will misscarry.

And will this mess up my first IVF appointment?

I’m just worried I suppose.

Thankyou in advance, sorry for going on!

Jade xxx

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Hey, I have tried pcos and endo too. What makes you think you’ll miscarry? If I were you I’d do a test. Ivf only does the job of putting your embryo where it needs to be, you never know. Xx

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Ok I think I will.

I’ve been told by Doctors to ‘not get my hopes up’ If I do fall pregnant naturally.

I have a huge amount of damage from the operations, Ovary & tubes gone on one side and damaged on the other.

So basically there’s no hope!

Thankyou for your reply xxx


My tubes are damaged from endo, I need ivf now. I had one natural pregnancy and all was fine that was 5 years ago it’s gutting how quickly this condition can f up your fertility xx

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Come and join us on the fertility network site! Lots of people in a similar position there!

Re:ivf just tell your clinic. They can do scans or use drugs to make sure you are in the right place in your cycle when you start.

Re testing, only you can decide if that’s the right thing for you to do x

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Yey! Where do I look to find the Fertility Network Site?

Id love to join- it would be most helpful! X


It’s one of the other communities on health unlocked x


I would test using first response. Never say never sometimes drs talk bs! Your first appt is a paperwork one so no scans are involved. Discuss everything with them, they will have other endo pcos ladies under their care. Good luck


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