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Feeling very sick

Hello all!

I know we are all slightly different in terms of our symptoms, but I just wondered if anyone else is suffering the same as me...

I've noticed the last week or so feeling extremely sick when I get up in the morning, a bit like morning sickness - no I'm not pregnant!

It lasts until around lunch time.

First thing in the morning I have to take Omeprazole ready for my pain meds throughout the day. I am struggling to take these now, couple of time they have made a reappearance as well. 😩

As if the constant pain wasn't bad enough, now I have to add feeling or being sick into the mix!

Does anyone else suffer like this? How are you over coming this?


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I have daily nausea too sometimes first thing (defo not pregnant) but more often later in the afternoon. I'm never sick but feel queasy, it's awful.

Interested to hear the responses.



Me too!!

At least I know I'm not alone with the sickness. 😟


You're not alone. First thing I the morning I feel sick and it settles about an hour after I get to work.

And then on my journey home I also feel sick and it settles a while after I get home.

I put it down to movement. When you first wake up and start moving around. And I used to blame them on my big endometriomas but I have since had them removed and I still get sickness in the same way.


Hi I get this too. It's been really bad today. Almost wish I could be sick as it might make me feel better. So your not alone.

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Yes! I go through stages of feeling really really sick all the time, always starts about 10am and lasts until just before lunch. I find cyclizine hydrochloride from the docs is a god send, also peppermint tea!! X


I need to see the doc so will ask if they can give me something!

I have tried peppermint tea for trapped wind and it was really not my thing... 😕


Try the cyclizine hydrochloride, I swear by it and never leave the house without it x

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I find that sometimes just having a bottle of fizzy water and having a bit of a burp helps 😂 I often struggle to get up in the morning due to nausea and as shattered as I am I try to get up and go on a dog walk or even just sit up in bed and give it time to settle a bit before heading out. I took the anti-sickness tablets but unfortunately they did nothing for me. X


If I stay in bed till the sick feeling passed I would never get up!! Yesterday I feel sick all day 😕


Most days I feel sick until around lunch time but have felt sick all day, it can be really draining and debilitating. Must be awful for you. I have always been told the usual eat little and often, have lots of water, other than the fizzy water which eases things for me a bit I have never had anything that works. Would be interesting to know others ideas?


It's not fun, and (in a way) please others get the sickness feelings as well, I now know I'm not alone!

I've rang the doctor this morning but can't see anyone until Wednesday, but I don't see the point in that as I am seeing a specialist on Thursday. Hopefully they will have some answers and ideas!


Yes yes and yes.... I struggled through 20 months of daily nausea... Sometimes all day other times all night sometimes both which left me exhausted and feeling sick. I took domperidone when it was there and 'tolerable' and when it was really bad I took ondansetron (really strong anti emetic normally given to cancer patients). I had my surgery in December and since then I've been normal.... The nausea stopped.. Please get yourself to your gynae and get booked in for a lap... Don't wait like I did... It didn't go away - not until surgery.


Thanks!! I'm seeing a specialist on Thursday next week so not to long to wait now, thank god!! Fingers crossed he take me serious, I've got my other half coming with me, he won't take no crap!!!

Unfortunately I'm only seeing a general gyne

, but with the notes from my doctors I'm looking to push the Endo side of things!!

Would rather not have more operations but needs must!!

Wanted to see a doctor ref the sickness feeling but I can't see anyone until next Wednesday so I don't really see the point with the hospital the next day!!


I ended up being pushed from pillar to post regarding the nausea... Gastroentrologist, specialist Endo gynae... Everyone thought the problem lie in everyone's else's area... Thankfully by going to all of these specialists they have picked up underlying health problems that may not have been picked up before... Anyway I digress... The nausea - for me - appeared to be caused by Endometriosis because when I woke up from my lap it was gone!!!

Good luck with your appointments and treatment xx

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