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Hi girls

Curious to know everyone's thoughts on the Mirena? I've heard so many horror stories about it but also how it can be good.

I had a lap in September but they didn't find anything and I had a follow up appt the other day with the surgeons student. Who just asked 2000 questions then said Mirena.

I just feel like they're trying to push me into it. But they freak me out and I'm think of starting a family in the next 2 years so I don't know if it's worth it.

Thanks 😊

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  • Hey,

    Every person is different, I know some people who love it and others don't, I was one of the people who hated it and it didn't suit me

    If you don't feel comfortable don't try it, it's your body.

    Lianne x

  • Hi, I understand how you feel about the coil, I didn't like the thought of it at all and opted to go back on combined pill once I'd had my endo lasered as was thinking of starting a family in the next few years. If you really don't feel comfortable don't be pressured into it. i have since had a coil fitted for a time and it was fine for me. It is painful to have fitted and takes 3-6 months to settle down in terms of bleeding but then my bleeding stopped. It is quick to have out though and doesn't hurt to have out so if you have it fitted and feel it doesn't work for you, you could have it removed. Give it time to settle down though as it does take time. Once it's settled you forget it's there, if it works for you. I'm not sure how long it takes for your periods to return to normal after having it out though so if you do think you might have one, find out how long you need to wait after having it out before you can try for a baby x

  • Hi, mirena suits everyone differently, I had mine a couple of years ago, definitely helped with the bleeding and although I still had pain it was much easier than without the mirena, unfortunately ive been getting worse for last 6months or so so am now taking hormone treatment on top of mirena and due another lap this month. Like I say everyone is different, I was apprehensive about it to start with but it did work well fir about 18 months with me. Good luck with your decision, only do what your comfortable with. Hope you find the right treatment for you xxx

  • Hey! I seem to be in a similar situation, I was told Endo found was minimal (and made to feel like this also meant insignificant!) and was pressured into the mirena coil and being told it is the ‘gold standard’ of treatment! Being only 19 and all I have ever ever ever wanted in life is children, I was absolutely terrified and it really was painful to have inserted. For the first 6 months the bleeding was insane and I’ve now had it for a year and still have bleeding at least once a month but it is not heavy or a big problem, just a little bit annoying. I suffered with extremely painful intercourse & cannot believe how much the coil has helped with that. Day-to-day I feel so much better in terms of hormones, emotions, skin & general wellbeing. I have since had an MRI to diagnose that I also have Adenomyosis and was told that the best option for that was Mirena too. I told my consultant I was worried about fertility & wanting to get pregnant in the future and he said at any point to just visit my GP and it can be taken out with fertility resuming within a month or two. I would say if you’re really struggling with symptoms and have tried some other forms of treatment then it’s definitely worth a go :) Good luck!! x

  • Following this post.

    I've just had mine put in on the 6th January, it was done when I had a lap to remove endometriomas, endo, and to unstick things!

    The first 3 weeks I felt great, then the pain started creeping up, I felt so disheartened but my endo nurse sent me for an ultrasound scan (tummy and internal). And there was nothing that could have been causing the pain. So I am hoping it is just settling down!

    I too didn't know of I should have the mirena coil fitted, I think because they can't guarantee you'll be pain free it is all trial and error. And that is scary.

    Maybe the coil will help you through the next year and a bit until you start trying for a baby. But do take your time with making your decision x

  • Thanks girls :)

    I went to the Drs today and discussed with her what to do and she kind of agreed with me on my thoughts about the Mirena which I was so surprised about as I feel like every other doctor has been pushing me to try it. So she's changed my pill and hopefully this will help, only problem is it's not funded so very expensive but surely worth it works. and if not I can then try the Mirena x

  • I've just had the coil put in as they said that was the next step I also said I've only heard bad things about it but was told you will only be told the bad stuff people are going through, I then went to collage and explained to the girls what they had said and 2 of them have got the coil and sweat by it and haven't had problems. It's worth a go if even if you only it done for a couple of years if you don't get on with it they can be easily remover and better then the pill that can take years to get out of your system xx

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