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Pain with symptoms

I'm currently off work today as I'm having a really bad pain flare up and I've also got sickness and diarrhoea. Just feel like giving up at the moment. Can anyone recommend anything to help stop the sickness and diarrhoea and I'm feeling like I might need to see a therapist as I've never actually talked to anyone professional about having endometriosis, and I got diagnosed two years ago. Any advice would be great and much appreciated

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Hi there, what has been done about your endo, have you had it removed, ??


I had a laparoscopy in July 2014 and one in August last year. I had it lasered both times and a mirena coil fitted when I had the laparoscopy in August last year


I would get a referral to a BSGE centre and be seen by a doe unlisted, excision /removal is the gold standard treatment by a specialist, some genral gyne s miss endo in certain places and burning off is only temporary as it can grow back,

Good luckxxx

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Sorry forgot to say, do you know where it was


I got diagnosed with endometriosis plus my laparoscopy showed that my pouch of Douglas was glued to my womb and that was a year ago and iv had hospital admissions few times over the last year and iv just been fobbed off by many consultants and all they say is there nothing they can do I got refered by my doctor to a professor that deals in pelvic pain management awaiting a referal back to gynaecology but I'm also getting accupunture I take Imodium if get upset stomach and anti sickness tabs to help with the sickness but I agree that getting a referal to a endometriosis specialist centre would be your best bet wish you the best of luck


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