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Awaiting surgery!

Hi ladies! I'm new here! I'm awaiting my first labroscopy to diagnose and potentially remove any endometriosis they find.....it's at the end of Feb. I am just wondering how long I should have off work, like how long will my doctor give me off on my sick note? I work in an outdoor shop so every things pretty hands on and I do a lot of lifting and moving things about. Luckily my manager is pretty understanding and I see her as a mate really! I'm only 19 and really worried about the op! I am also wondering whether my partner will be allowed to stay with me on the day off my op too? I had a hysteroscopy in 2014 and was told he wasn't allowed to stay then as it would 'make other patients feel uncomfortable'.. info would be amazing ladies! Thanks!! Xx

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Hi I would say 1-2weeks but if you need longer then take it . Everyone heals at a different rate . Good luck and I hope it goes ok.


Hi, id say 2 weeks off work but everyone is different- my friend had 3 weeks. Take into consideration that you'll be uncomfortable at first and very tired so it'll take a while to get back to normal. My mum stayed with me but not in operating theatre they brought her back through when I came back to the ward. Check out my blog for more info! Good luck honey xx


I took 3 weeks off work - the hospital automatically signed me off for 2 weeks, but I still wasn't comfortable to drive so I took and extra week. I probably would have been ok after 2 if I had to though.

My partner was only allowed to see me during normal visiting hours. They are very strict about this - my Mum was in the hospital for another appointment and came to keep me company before I went in to the operation and they found her and kicked her out!

Bear in mind you might be waiting a long time before you go in, my partner was with me in the waiting room, but as soon as I was taken through to the ward, he had to leave. I was in the ward a few hours before being taken to surgery.


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