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Finally have a date for my op!!!! Just a few Q's.

Hey Ladies!!

Finally have a date set for my op ( Wed 11th June @ 1pm) after going to my doctors on monday and relaying my worries about the pains.

Im really nervous but also dead excited that I'm finally going to get to find out whats wrong with me and hopefully get treated!! But I'm scared about the op and the pain afterwards.

Wondering if any of you lovely ladies can give me any tips that ill need for it. Ive seen the posts about what to take and will be going shopping for larger clothes etc. But i wondered how long people took before looking after their kids again (I'm a childminder). I also live in the same house and so I'm sort of a second mummy!

Anyway, any general hints/tips for the day or days leading up to it/after would be amazing!

Thanks, and i hope everyones feeling well today!!

Emma Xx

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My experience is probably very different from others (and your own) as i had no time to prepare -- emergency operation but afterwards i felt very sore. Only advice that i can give is to not push yourself. Dont do things that you may feel will strain you. The body is a wonderful thing and our thresholds are all unique as too are our healing processes but dont strain. Do what you feel you can do, if it hurts stop and give yourself time to heal. I wish you the best for your operation.


I had a diagnostic lap on 7th May, they didnt find anything so didnt have any sort of treatment. (Had coil fitted) I had my op on the wednesday afternoon, came out of theatre at 3.10pm was home by 6pm after a reaction to the gas. Tummy was sore and I found sleeping hard work as I could only lay on my back for a couple of nights other than that I healed really quick and was back to work on the monday.


It took me around 3 weeks to fully recover from my disgnostic op. I went back to work after 2 weeks but looking back I should have been off longer.

I found that when I was standing upright or laying down flat, I felt ok.

But sitting in an upright position (like being sat at a desk) and bending down, moving around etc was very painful.

So I guess It depends how old the children are that you look after. If they a babies then you'll probably need longer off work. If they are older and more independent then you might be ok sooner. But based on my recovery i'd say at least 2 weeks regardless.

Also bear in mind that you might not be able to drive for a while.

Hope everything goes ok x x


Yer I'm thinking that it may be a while - but everyone gets on differently. Luckily the kids are 7 and 9, so thats good because they can do most things themselves, but i remembered i wouldn't be able to drive unfortunately!

Thanks :)



I just wanted to say good luck for your op on the 11th June.

After a turbulent time I am due a lap on 3rd June to see what exactly going on and to clear my blocked tubes if possible.

Like you I am worried about how I will be after. It has been helpful reading other posts on this wonderful site for tips and info. Like people say, everyone is individual so how we feel after, how quick we recover is not exact. But it nice to have an overview to be prepared. Still scared and nervous tho!

Once again best of luck for your and hope the recover is quick and as pain free as possible x


Thanks Squidgy!

It really is reassuring reading everyones posts on here!

Hopefully you can come back and let me know how you got on... good luck too!

Emma x


No problem. Yeh I will put a post on here about how it went and how I doing. Getting more nervous as each day passes. Sure you are the same. Hope you are having as good a pain free, worry free bank holiday weekend as possible. x


That'd be fab thank you :) Yes it really is nerve racking isn't it!! Aaaw thanks, lots of pain today unfortunately but manageable at the moment with strong painkillers!! hope your well Xx


I had (Another) diagnostic surgery on Tuesday. I've had quite a few surgeries inc gall bladder removal and appendix and last year a 4 cm lump of endo removed so I'm kind of used of what to expect. One tip, even if they say its a day case pack an overnight bag! I foolishly didn't last week (my hospital hour and half away from my home) as due to low blood pressure and fact I couldn't pee was kept in for 2 nights! Luckily kind nurse found me a toothbrush!

You can't drive for at least 2 weeks. Don't lift anything heavy and you will feel more tired as you heal. S


I had a chocolate cyst and and endometriosis removed back in October .... Was supposed to be a day case but ended up staying so as previous poster said go prepared with things!!

I was really sore after and my stitches became infected but everyone is different plus I got restless and tried doing too much too soon ... Listen to your body


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