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Danazol or diet?

Hi all, first post looking for help!

I was diagnosed stage 4 endo after a lap in July 2015, symptoms didn't improve (if anything got worse!!) and I tried cerazette, which turned me into a crazy lady unable to cope with the day to day so I stopped those and have now been offered Danazol.

I'm really dubious after looking into the side effects and reviews and wanted some honest opinions!

Also, I am very over weight, my specialist has ever mentioned diet/weight/excersize as a possible help...what's views on this? Does the 'endo diet' really work?

Thanks all! Louise xx

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Hi Louise - I assume the lap was done in general gynaecology and was essentially just to diagnose and not to attempt to remove your endo as this must only be done in a specialist endo centre for stage 4 where the surgeons have done advanced surgical training. So is medical treatment all they have suggested? The regulations require that you are seen in an endo centre. You don't say where your endo was found (some may well have been missed) and what your symptoms are but click my name and have a look at my post on Rectovaginal endo as you may have that and the one on how to find a specialist centre.

Endo diets aim to address the immune aspects of endo that may be involved with the cause in the first place so no chemicals or processed foods to overlaod the immune system and liver which can increase oestrogen levels. Then some aim to address inflammation of endo such as cutting out gluten and A1 casein in mass produced milk (from the black and white cows). But being overweight is not good for endo as adipose fat tissue (the stuff we women get around our middle) produces oestrogen that is released into the circulation and could potentially dramatically increase levels in someone very overweight. So a healthy diet is all round beneficial for endo. Some surgeons won't operate until the weight is reduced. This is not just for general surgical risk but because of where adipose fat is distributed it can presumably make delicate surgery extremely difficult when this is where they are operating.


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