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Hi Ladies,

I am 19 and have had 2 laps in a year for quite servere endo, my last one was in August and I have been in horrendous pain and have just been referred to the hospital for yet another op. Has anyone found ways of dealing with the constant mood swings, bloating or just something that calms symptoms. Whether it's a dietary change, pills, anything?!

Sick of the condition and feeling so down about it this week it just feels like a never ending vicious cycle so any recommendations would be highly appreciated!

Thank you!!

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Hello! I'm sorry you are feeling like this i have also had endo for years and it sucks! and having it when your 19 i remember feeling like i was missing out on everything!

I take menfanamic acid for the pain i take it during period and when every i get it else when in the month! its great it take the edge of it and because it not in the same family and most other pain killers if you dont feel its strong enough you can take something else on top.

My job is a sports therapist (i spend all day every day working with athletes) and i have done endo research on myself with nutrition and exercises or what i can/ cannot do or eat really. I know not everyone is the same.

for bloating i drink green tea in the morning or twinning detox tea (its sweeter) this gets your guts going and helps with any build up gass. i also drink 2 litres of water day (yes you will pee!) but your feel better for it i promise! I also dont eat any complex carbs till the evening (pasta, potatoes... ) like 4/5pm because they are a lot harder to digest so you get that heavy and bloating feeling and with endo you are more sensitive to it.

and when you are feeling tired try and avoid the sugar because you will get a hit from it and then come crashing back down again. mood swings will occur from this! danger! so go with bananas, apples, grapes.

lunch i normally eat fish, chicken, beef with a salad or in a pitta or wrap. :) o and try natural yogurt with honey or chocolate drops that helps with digesting = less bloating.

I hope this has been helpful and you feel better soon.

If you follow me on here i am currently writing a fitness and nutrition blog for Endometrosis and i will announce when I'm launching it! there will be loads of stuff to help you!




Thank you so much for this its all been really helpful. I will give them a go although I already mostly do these things and hasn't helped unfortunately but I will try it all more strictly.

Really looking forward to your blog I'll check it out, as I don't go on here to often please could you update me when it has been realeased. I am really into fitness and have been struggling lately with what I should and shouldn't do when I am in so much pain and often just have questions so I would be really interested in this.

Random one but have you found a good protein powder that works well for you? I've tried a couple that really bloat me and research hasn't shown to much. No worries if not.

Once again thank you so so much for your help it really is appreciated!


Great! Glad it could be of use sticking to it is a pain in the bum! i have found some crazy endo diets online!

Sure il let you know when the blog is going :)

So I'm training for a Marathon at the moment and after I run I take PHD protein nutrition whey in vanilla. (Amazone is cheep for it!) I have it with a banana or something as for some reason alone it makes me bloat but with something I'm totally fine. It's the best one I have found :) and it has the least amount of sugar in it to.

I love fitness I find when I have had a bad bout of endo fitness the first week back is awful then I'm ok again. Feeling like I'm carrying stones in my stomach, horrible!

I saw your in New Zealand what are you doing if you don't mind me asking? I really want to go I travelled before but I'm scared endo will strick and il just get sick again :( how have you found it? Again random question


Amazing thank you! I'll have a look into the protein powder too thank you, you've been a huge help! Yeah I get the same and it's so annoying because soon as you get yourself on a good run endo strikes and takes you a few steps back, very annoying. I am on a work visa for 30months we got sponsored by my partners work which is why it's so long, so we're just living here and doing a bit of travelling. Obviously everyone is different and you could be okay if you did it but equally it could play up but I had to have a lap here and from what I experienced at home(uk) the healthcare here was a lot better. Only thing is you have to pay for healthcare which is a pain with endo as I've been to the GP a lot and the bills soon rack up but my lap was free as my visa is over 2 years your classed as a resident so you get free operations but if you came out here on less you would have to pay. But if you were only going to travel I'm sure you wouldn't need an op in that time and if you did you could just go home and see a GP here if you really needed too. Hope that helps a bit if you have any other questions though just let me know I've been here just over a year now and loving every second of it. It's an amazing country I would highly recommend it to anyone! If you do have any other questions feel free to email me on holz.craggs@hotmail.co.uk :)

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Hi holly are you with a specialist surgeon at BSGE centre? If you've been with a general gynaecologist it is more likely that endo has been missed. If you have severe endo then you should only be treated at a BSGE centre.



I am Britsh but I currently live in New Zealand and had my last op here and it works different out here. I will go there when I go back to the UK


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