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I am lost. Yesterday I came to end of my prostap injections. I have been on them for ten months. I am back on the pill and rather than taking it back to back as I have for many years I am going to take it for three weeks and then have a break. And then we may try for a baby. Off work today and yesterday as pain is so bad. I hate ringing in sick but I am so sore and the pain is horrendous I am so fed up :-(

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  • I feel your pain, literally. I've just come home from work because of the pain. I came off the pill to try for a family but the longer I'm off it the worse it's getting :-( I don't have any answers but won't to say you're not alone xxx

  • Hi thank you! How long have you been trying? The injections and pill helped so much! Scared to think of the pain I may be in x

  • I came off the pill a year ago and have been actively trying for eight months ( sex more often and at ovulation time). I know it can take a while for things to settle after u have taken pill for a while ( I've been on it since 13 because of endo). Just waiting for a lap again at the mo and they are going to run dye through tubes to make sure there are blockages. I had prostrap injections and back to back my pill which helped loads.

    Speak to your gp but I'm sure they said not to bother having a break in the pill of not coming off totally because the bleed u would have wouldn't be a proper period and just a withdrawal bleed. So my gp suggested carrying on back to back or come off totally.

  • Rough journey isn't it! We are selling our house and moving and at first thought could be best to wait until we have moved to try but it could take ages to have a baby! So hard and so over whelming! I feel guilty for being off work but I'm in so much pain.

  • Me too. I'm not really sure what to do about the work situation either. I can't keep taking time off here and there. I think I might go back to the doctors and see what he suggests because today was so embarrassing. I wanted to cry and everyone in the open plan office was being sweet trying to help but think they think it's like having period pains because they were saying " do u want paracetamol or a hot water bottle". I ended up saying nicely to my friend not sure that's gonna cut it when ovary is fused to my bowel! Hopefully she might say something on the side to them to save me explaining. X

  • I agree! I have spent along time crying at work alone and then pretending I'm fine. I work in pain I've been off sometime this week only as I am so sore I can't move or walk and if I put my self first I need to be home. I work 31 hours. Part of me thinks now I've had injections I should start trying for a baby house or no house as god knows when it could happen! Hope you feel better soon. I suggest speaking to your boss for sure. Mine seems to think one day itl all it's go away! Is your boss ok? X

  • My boss is never there. She doesn't even know I have an operation coming up as haven't had chance to see me. She works over lists of offices. Doesn't make it easy when your struggling. I'm finding it quiet mentally hard as everyone seems to be pregnant. I work with offenders and they seem to get preggers easy as anything and can't look after the ones they got. An client asked Me yesterday if I was pregnant because my tummy is so swollen! I felt like saying no actually Im not sure I can! I did refrain though. I know what u mean about selling your house but I dont ever think there is right time to try. May take a while to fall and not u have nine months to get a new house. Even if u can't sell u will make do. My friend was in same situation fell preggers and just had baby in with them

    A bit longer than they would have planned

  • My boss is a man and just says yep yep yep probably thinking please stop talking ! I worry one day someone will see my file and il be warned or sacked! Did you tell peole you're trying? A Few of our best friends knows our problems so have been asking our plans etc and my family want us to have a baby x I keep thinking I would benefit from counselling to help me think through it all. It's so overwhelming sometimes all I do is cry!

  • I'm glad it's not just me. I had a good old cry in the car yesterday. My husband is amazing but I often don't want to burden him with my worries because I know he's scared and worried too. Silly I know because he's always there for me. We told some friends at first but then I stop mentioning and I glad they stopped asking. I was excited so I told them but them it got embarrassing and felt pressured when it carried on for months so I just pretended it's not on agenda anymore. I haven't even told my mum we are trying and I usually tell her everything to because I don't want to worry her. She had endo too so knows what it's like but had me at 21.

  • I don't think we will tell people when we start trying. Hard and like you my boyfriend is amazing but I know it must take it's toll on him. I hope you get some rest and feel okay maybe a little later. I've a hot water bottle which is my new best friend and eating icecream! X

  • I have an oats bag and get slight anxiety if I can't find it ha ha. Hope u had a relaxing afternoon. X

  • Still in same place with water bottle. Thanks for the support you take care!

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