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I have had my mirena in since April this year just needing some help to find out if what I am experiencing is normal side effects or not. So for the past week I have been having a lot of lower abdominal pain/cramping, when slightly pressing my lower belly just under where my belly button is it hurts, I can't find my strings, feeling sicky now and again, bad heartburn and also breast tenderness. Can anyone help please?!

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I have also been feeling like this, I have had my mirena coil since November at the Same time as my laposcopy and ever since I'm not sure weither it's just my endo or the coil having emotional and physical problems, non stop bleeding, same horrible pains, miagrains, hot flashes and heart burn, and also been told it's the 'relationship killer' with mood swings and low sex drive.. I'm thinking about getting it removed and I can't find my strings either, also having a lot of infections and anti biotics don't seem to fix anything, resorted in a cystoscopy last week..

How strange mine was also fitted at the same time as my lap and I can't work out either if it's this or if it's my endo x

I had exactly the same symptoms. I had my coil fitted in November, had the worst pain and bleeding almost non-stop and caught infections too. In the end i had it removed. It seems to work for some but not others.


I have very much the same symptoms. However today I visited the doctor as it is getting me really down. An hour later no further down the line, but lots of investigation is happening.With a new doctor.....I may get an answer in a week. I have had my coil for 18 months and I have been on a rollercoaster. Not much help I'm afraid xx

Well we're not doing so good! But Atleast this has showed me that I'm not alone, and the next step is needed. Thankyou x

I had mine removed after 3 months, the side effects out weighed the benefits for me, everything you've said and more.

The strangest thing though for me was a sensation on my head. It felt like I'd been dripped on, and the drip was trickling down through my hair. I had it several times a day from when I had mirena fitted and it stopped immediately when I had the mirena removed. Not a bad side effect that one, but odd!

I'd say it's definitely the mirena causing this cramping - I was in complete agony while I had mine and was glad to go back to my "normal" cramping after a month or so of having it removed. Caused terrible mood swings too and made my hair fall out. My advice: get it out!

I had a horrible time with the mirena coil.. Constant cramping and contractions.... I couldn't wear anything tight fitting until I had the bugger out because it caused too much pain... A year of long tops and leggings done my head in. Being in PJ's was best but I had to work and live so yeah!!! Eventually I had it removed but like you the strings had gone walk about so after an excruciating dig about by my gynae it was decided it was best to put me under General Anaesthetic to have it removed... The second I woke up I felt NO PAIN!!! good luck... Sometimes no matter how much you want something to work your body doesn't play ball. It's frustrating as it's the best form of defence from endo!!! Bugger!!


I am the exception it appears 😏 I had mine fitted 2 years ago. Like you, I had bad cramps and was in agony... Rather than going back to heavy periods and worse pain I stuck with it.

Now I don't have any pains at all 😁 maybe the occasional twinge when I would be due on but NO periods. At all.

They recommend you have a fiddle every month to make sure your strings are still loose just in case.

All I would say is that it is different for every woman and you should give it a couple more months - it was worth it for me.

Take care of yourself sweetie and good luck x

I had mine fitted 3 weeks ago and my period came 2 days after. The pain was so bad it was like having a miscarriage (had three at 4 months but luckily I did go on to have a baby) or an ectopic (had 2 of these), so I know what that's like. I was sure my body was expelling the coil. I was ready to go to ER and ask for it to be removed, but I have adeno and had been warned so stuck with it!

After nearly 2 weeks I've stopped bleeding and pains are subsiding. Istill feel VERY uncomfortable and náuseas but am hoping my story will evolve like yours, ClairL. Thanks for sharing as it helps me to be positive - I have to be, as it's my last chance to avoid hysterectomy!

Good on you 👏 yep, this is my last resort before hysterectomy too. Already had ovary out. Got another 3 years left for the coil then we shall see...

Hang in there sweetie 😘

It's is normal I'm afraid.

It may settle, it may not. It's just a waiting game. I was told the sting is more a wire and can be felt by your partner during intercourse so they cut it short in purpose to stop that.

I'm like Clairl. I have some bad symptoms but I don't have periods so it is overall better for me. It took 6 month to settle for me. And I did not believe anyone that the horrible few months would be worth it but in the end it was.

Good luck!! It may settle! Give it 6 more weeks and then def get it out of you still feel rubbish.

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