Iv been to my doctors today after suffering for over a year with excruciating pain in my pelvis and lower back and sometimes in my legs, mainly when due to have a period, I also find sex painful sometimes during and sometime afterwards I'm doubled over in pain, I explained all this to my doctor who did a quick examination then wrote word endometriosis on a piece of paper and said that's what you have go look in to it, no explanation of the condition or even possible ways of helping it, he just sent me on my way, so obviously I googled it and now totally confused help????????

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  • Think you need to ask to be referred to see a consultant, sounds like endometriosis symptoms to me, don't be brushed off by a GP Hun, symptoms will not get better on their own

  • Thank you, it's really upset me as now I'm left just reading what's online and from what iv read its all very scary :(

  • Go back asap and put pressure to get a referral to a good endo gynaecologist. If you want do your won research to see which doctors in your area specialised in endo and ask for a specific doctor to be referred. x

  • Frances dont be scared. Unfortunately it wont go away on its own and even with help its a minx to get rid of. You must go back to Gp and ask for a referral. Tell him you did what he said and youve done alot of research and feel you need to have a definate diagnosis. Unfortunately this will probably mean a laproscopic procedure to have a look inside through your tummy with a camera. This is nothiong to worry about and will give you the answers youve been waiting for. I had pain with intercourse and the gp felt a swelling on the left ovary. A scan revealed a cyst and my story commenced form there. Good luck and keep pestering,get that Gynae referral!! hugs J x

  • Research which gyne in your county specializes in endo and adhesions (scar tissue). Start from the beginning by seeing a specialist endo gyne.

  • It is so frustrating when GP's do not understand and cannot be bothered with sufferers of Endo! Can totally understand why you feel so upset. I agree with the other comments, go back to the drs, perhaps see another if you do not want to face the same one again and ask to be referred to a Gynaecologist who will be able to go through things with you.

  • Nice GP. Needs reporting for lack of referral/information!!

  • book an appointment with the doctor that deals with womens health, she will probably be far more sympathic , Tell her how its effecting you life etc, and ask to be refered , Good luck

  • Iv been back with my mum and she told him what for lol, his answer was that modern medicine says to empower the patient which is why he told me to read up on it, then he thought he'd be clever n started to test me asking me use use medical terms etc and I reeled it off word for word because iv read so much about it, only then did his attitude change and he started to take my concerns seriously, he has referred me I called to book to appointment at the hospital and il have one by 15th march, he said that they won't really do much more than him, costs em money to refer you doesn't it :/ maybe that's why he's been so reluctant, either way not happy with gp but hopefully get some answers now, thank you everyone x

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