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A hello , a check in and a recommendation (Naproxen)


Hi Ladies,

Hoping you’re all ok it’s been awhile since I’ve posted.

I’m personally very eager to get the ball roll again with treatment and seeing a specialist, we wait so long in normal circumstances that this situation seems cruel.

GP’s have been pretty good though I must say.

I’ve recently been prescribed naproxen as a new form of pain killer, does any one have any reviews on this? I’ve only ever taken codeine for the pain , but that was causing havoc with ‘going to the toilet’ so I’m giving naproxen a try. Got the whole ‘we’d always recommend paracetamol as the first source of pain relief’. Yes I did scoff and very bluntly replied ‘in that case I may as well just take fresh air’ 😆🤦🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️.


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Hi. I take Naproxen when I feel the first flutter of pain coming on. It sometimes takes the edge off it but other times it doesn’t. For me taking this medication means it does give some pain relief or takes the pain away all together. I only use codeine when naproxen hasn’t worked on that occasion. I have no issues going to the toilet either when taking this.

It’s worth a try to see how you get on :) x

Naproxen has worked very well for me in the past. It is sold over the counter as Feminax Ultra, which is how I first discovered it. Subsequently I’ve had it prescribed. It is a NSAID, so can work better than Co-codamol.

Thank you to you both x

If you take naproxen make sure you are also taking something to protect your stomach, they should also prescribe something like omeprazole. It can really irritate your stomach lining even after a couple of days taking it.

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Yes they did prescribe that 😊thank you for the heads up though.

Hi, sorry you aren't feeling good right now! Naproxen has worked well for me when needed. It's known as Aleve in the US and you find more people taking that than Ibuprofen there. It's an NSAID as others have mentioned so similar to Ibuprofen, but it's longer acting, whereas Ibuprofen is short acting. It's also thought to be better for acute pain, which we know all about :-)

I second what all say, do take a Nexium or equivalent (omeprazole, esomeprazole). In the US, most naproxen's come in a format with it built in which is great. (Can you tell I've been in pain when visiting the US? lol). Don't just rely on the tummy drug though, have some food in tummy as you take, I feel it works better for pain too with this, maybe that's just because you have a little gentle nourishment when feeling awful.

Naproxen hasn't interfered with my toilet going either, thumbs up! As for someone offering you paracetemol during acute pain, unless it's in an IV dose, I'll have a cup of tea thanks. Paracetemol is a wonderful drug in right space, but acute endo pain is not one of them :-)

Feel better!


I take Naproxen and Omeprazole - I start taking it a couple of days before my period is due. It does help me ... not a magic bullet but I find it makes a difference. If I only take it when the period pain has already started, it's not as effective. For me it's the difference between spending my period in bed in the foetal position, and having some semblance of "normal" activity during the worst of the month. My understanding is that Naproxen works at reducing the prostaglandins, which are released to tell the body to shed the uterine lining and are partly responsible for the pain and inflammation we experience.

I was previously taking co-codamol and I just can't anymore because of the effect on my bowels (I had an impacted bowel after a lap in November and seriously it was in some ways worse than the lap, 6 months on I'm still now "right" after that!). I think opioid pain meds (codeine etc) are harsh on the liver and generally pretty scary anyway... because they kind of stop working after a while and then you need a higher and higher dose... hello addiction :S

Having said all that I am still in chronic pain, glad to have something to take for the period but I have yet to find anything effective for the more month round issues/pain and particularly bad pain at ovulation.

It's a difficult balancing act as protecting our guts, bowels and liver are very important too.

I wish you luck. This condition is a nightmare anyway, even more so in the current situation. Much love to ya!

I take naproxen too, but it doesn’t stop my pain. It goes from a level 9 to a 7, but no more than that and it doesn’t last very long. Watch out for gastric reflux complications and asthma flare ups - I haven’t had asthma crisis in years and had to go back to my inhaler after starting with naproxen.

I’ve recently changed from Naproxen, I don’t feel it works for me! My pain was still there, it was the same as me taking paracetamol they. Everyone is different so hopefully it does for you x

Thank you everyone. Really appreciate all the advice. Can I ask what painkillers you are all on? X

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