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Pain in upper tummy

Hey lovely ladies,

I'm slightly concerned that over last week or so I have been getting increased pain under my left rip cage! I have been on naproxen for 6 weeks and really worried it might have done some damage to my stomach.

Next thing is that I had to change doctors cos I am out of catchment area of my old ones, but the only one I can go to is not taking any patients! Who can I go to?

Jem x

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I have a suspected stomach ulcer that is being investigated from taking ibuprofen , the pain has been just as bad as the endo on some occasions. I've had an endoscopy for this (camera down) but I kept pulling it out under sedation, so they have now carried out a bedium meal (drinking a solution and then X-ray ) now awaiting results. It's taken a while to get this far with that. My gp has prescribe ompeprezole to line the stomach. Hope this helps xxx


Thanks for your reply it's so painful. I've stopped taking the naproxen, as I was thinking that it could be something like an ulcer xx


It may be worth you calling 111 the NHS help line and you can get advice and maybe see one of the urgent care doctors,

I had a duodenal ulcer which has now been treated. If I do have to take naproxen I also need to take another drug to stop the naproxen damaging my stomach lining.

Please get yourself checked out. X



I will Barbara thank you. Xx


i get naproxen as one of my pain killers, I got a lot of problems with acid and wind which cause the pain your describing though its because it was being taken with asprin, if your on any blood thinners you need to be careful but i would contact your local GP again and ask to speak to the doctor, its up to them if they take on further patients or ask for a referral elsewhere, if pain is severe call nhs 24 and get sent to local out of hours service. take care


Dear Jembee, surely the NHS have to take you on? They can't just leave you without a doctor..? If it were me I'd be calling my old doctor and asking for advice, names of people he knows etc (Drs all seem to know each other in their 'patch') and someone with particular expertise in this area too. I had a really excellent experience of an out of hours doctor in the emergency department of Lymington Hospital. My sister works for the NHS and suggested I went down there after I couldn't get my pain under control while down there visiting my Dad. I was seen within an hour by a lovely doctor who had all the time in the world for me, gave me lots of advice and listened carefully to my case. I think you should go to an A and E department or similar and ask to see the out of hours doctor. They can both give you the advice and treatment you need for this pain under your ribs and advice on which doctors might be able to take you on in the area. I, like you, have been taking painkillers which can attack the stomach wall. I got acid reflux the first time I took melafanamic acid and was immediately given omeprazole which another lady on here suggested too. I think this should be subscribed anyway, but they don't seem to until you complain of stomach problems. Incidentally I have a really nice Pharmacist who gave me my 'annual review' last week and I didn't realise how concerned they were for you and for getting the right pain control for you. If I hadn't gone back to the same Pharmacist every time I doubt I would have received this attention, but she did make some interesting suggestions about my pain control based on the side effects I gave her. Incidentally the Pharmacist said omeprazole was a must when taking anti-inflammatories unless you are very careful to eat before taking them. So Jembee, my hope is that you get these stomach ulcers sorted fast and get some advice on more appropriate pain killers, and push some doors to find yourself a really good doctor who can take care of you from here. I think the message here is 'be pushy!' Because the NHS is so overloaded it's often the person that makes the most noise that gets seen! (My sister's advice again!) By the way, I'd also be writing to my local MP cos I personally think it's shocking that you were turned away by your local surgery.

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My old gp I can't get passed the receptionist, I could have lied and not told them I had moved! She is really horrible. The other doctor told me to ring back tomorrow because apparently they gain more spaces at the beginning of the month. If it was just trapped wind I would have got it before in the 6 week period I was on it. I knew what wind feels like but this feels completely different xxx


I think you can buy Omeprazole over the counter, it does take about five days to start working, and to begin with I think I had double the dose x


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