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Sudden bleeding inbetween period, very worried !!

Hi everyone, I had a laparoscopy end of October and they found and adhesion on my womb stuck to my bowel I also had a cyst on my ovary, so I had surgery to remove them, I've now since then been having terrible pain in lower tummy and back I've had discharge to so I have a appt again with my gynae but not for two weeks, now I'm worried as today out of the blue I've suddenly had quite a bit of blood loss and it's dark brown nearly black I've never had this before and I'm in a bit of a panic, could anyone let me know if this is ok having an adhesion as they think it's stuck again, I'm not due period so won't be that, I'm really worried seemingly the cyst was nothing to worry over .

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Hi Melissa, please try not to worry too much. Obviously discuss this with gynae but I think it's fairly common. I have had dark brown blood loss everyday for over a year now, it is very annoying.

I had lap in October too and have endo with lots of adhesions and ovary stuck to uterus. They did say this wouldn't account for all of the bleeding and my uterine lining is thick and angry looking. When the blood is dark rather than bright red it just means it's old and has taken longer to leave your body.

Hopefully yours won't last as long as mine has. Even though I have had symptoms of endo for over 20 years with a lot of pain, it was the bleeding that led me to being investigated as it was driving me mad.

A few years ago I had something similar which turned out to be a cervical erosion which was was fixed with diathermy and this stopped the bleeding. This time there is no obvious reason.

Take care and don't worry too much before you have your appointment. If it gets worse see your GP in the meantime.


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Thank you, I feel a little better now :) I've got an urgent scan for today or tomorrow so I'll go from there. Sorry to hear what you have been through, I know how draining it is x x


Glad to hear you feel a little better, hope scan helps you to find a solution, take care xx


Same thing happened to me, I had a Lap in late August my cyst returned by October even with BC. I'm due for another Lap although I was told that I need to wait at least 1 year.. Good Luck I hope its not your case. I have pain 24/7


Wow a year !!! Don't think I can wait that long :( I really feel for you, I also have pain 24/7 , I have good and bad days but the pain is always there x


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