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Sudden change in period (sorry if TMI)

Hi ladies, I'm still waiting to find out what I have while endo is investigated after a year or cyst rupturing led to 12 months of pain, I did a mammoth blog post about it because I was so confused so I won't re-do all of that to save you needing two coffees to get you through this but didn't know where to turn to ask but I wondered if anyone had experienced changes in periods similar?

About 12 months, possibly longer, my periods got heavier and more cramping pains the first two days. That was pretty much steady, it registered a few months back that the first two days were perhaps a little lighter than the following days when cramps eased a bit and they always lasted 5 days varying from 24-29 day cycles.

Apologies in advance for TMI but...

My last few cycles have been really strange the 1st of 3 was only a 14 day cycle, lasted 8 days and was lighter than normal. I also clots (red) and had two days of brown blood, not much because the whole thing was light. This is my left ovary cycle.

The 2nd of 3 was a 28 day cycle, lasted 9 days and had the normal period pains, but again was lighter apart from 2 days, with some clots and 2-3 days of light brown blood. This period relates to the cycle/right ovary where all my problems seem to be around, where the cyst was that ruptured and where the pain mostly dominates when it's not my stomach/lower back all over.

My current 3 of 3 was a 24 day cycle and is really light again with hardly any cramping and is the left ovary. I can feel the normal type of pains bubbling under around my back/right side/right side of my bum and thigh, but so far I've had no real period pains.

Its not really normal for me, it could be I just keep a note of it and tell the consultant everything when I see him again in about a months time, but any personal experiences or any advice on whether this is typical or normal would be great to hear.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Komeara

Bloody endo hey! Irregular periods, clots of blood and brown dark blood is typical of endo unfortunately. Like you mine are being haywire at the mo, ranging from a 28 day to 35 days and varying from heavy to light, from 2 - 4 days. With the clots etc. When I was on the pill "Loestrin" it did make my periods regular but didn't help much with the pains and clots etc. You could ask to go on a pill to try regulate them if it is causing you bother perhaps.

I would keep a diary like you are doing as it is more info to throw at the dr.

Sorry not much help. best wishes x


Hi squidgy,

Yeah it's one thing that's made me think to this point, aside from them becoming more heavy, that I didn't have that matched endo because I've never been hugely irregular time wise, and it's so weird it just changing so quickly and everything about it.

Don't get me wrong, been nice not to have the cramps on top of the bubbling underneath other pains, but even they feel like they've been a bit subdued - again not complaining about that, just the strangeness of it all.

My calendar has all these sort of things like P and L and B and PP all over the dates, it's like a mad womans calendar :)



Don't we just wish our bodies would behave better and be more normal! Sod's law methinks! Make us feel more sane that's for sure if they behaved better!

Hope u having an ok weekend x


Hi it was irregularly bleeding between periods which was Brown and some clots that first made me go to the doctors. My periods generally would be around 28 days and last 5 days. However over the last 6 months they've been a shorter heavy and light flow with lots of spotting and clots before and after. Since having accupuncture the clots have reduced but I have been keeping an exact record of what each period was like. So my last three were very strange....

1st was a 22 day cycle with 1 1/2 days of light period with Brown blood before and after for about a week and heavy clots with bad pains.

2nd was a 27 day cycle with 3 days of heavy bleed and a little spotting after with small clots. I've also been taking tempreture and the chart was up and down every day it made no sense! Again bad pains but eased a little the week after.

3rd was a 26 day cycle with one light day one heavy then light then just spotting and Brown with only a couple of small clots and less tummy pain but hip and thigh pain the worst ever!

So basically after checking through my diary of pains dates and periods it looks like this irregular pattern is a normal symptom for me and I have been told that although heavy bleeding is a common symptom so can very light short irregular periods.

Because the clots have reduced and I'm getting less spotting in between periods I have put this down to the accupuncture and herbal tonic I've been taking. I also think it reduced the tummy pain this month but maybe like you I've just been lucky and had a better month apart from the hip thigh pain which has got a lot worse and has been there for nearly a week now whereas before it would come and go! Every month I get a new or different twinge or different times so I've stopped trying to.guess as other than during my period and a couple of days before I can't guess when or how bad it will be.

Keeping a diary is so helpful when talking to docs as I can pin point exactlywhere when and how bad the pain was and what it felt like. I just keep a little motebook in my bag and jot down date and what happened and use the back page for date of period how long it lasted and how long cycle was. I find this helps rather than storing it in my head it helps to write how I feel too.

I hope that helps and puts your mind at rest that your not alone when it comes to irregular and strange periods xx


Hi lillyflower,

Thanks for replying - it sounds like the acupuncture has helped with the clots a bit.

I've never really had spotting in between, but it was weird to feel a bit normal when normal p/pains came this weekend. Weird that that's what made me feel normal :)



Hi every time I have a normal day I doubt myself then it back and I think back to normal pain! Lol I've stopped trying to guess when the pain will come or how bad my period will be as it constantly changes, I just keep a note of everything ! My accupuncturist has said it could depend on which ovary releases egg but still doesn't really show a pattern so who knows! Hope you have some more normal days as its a nice relief from that constant pain! X


Hi there,

I know, weird isn't it how it gets you thinking like that.

I notice regardless of which ovary/which month, the pain normally revolves around the right side with me.

Good luck with tomorrow if we don't speak before. Got everything crossed for you getting some peace of mind and feedback after Sat.



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