Slightly panicking!

Hey Girls, I'm due to have my first diagnostic laproscopy on Monday but I've come down with a cough & cold! I'm not on antibiotics but I'm dosing up on flu medicine to try and shift it. I work at a GP surgery and all the other girls have seemed to have it. I've literally had 2 or 3 hours sleeps last night and really want to call in sick at work but too many people off due to being NYE. Maybe I should be selfish and not go in as I don't want to risk not being able to have my op. I hope I get rid of it on time or I fear they will cancel it! Xx

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  • Hi Alley hope you manage to shake it off. I use to worry about work and force myself to go in when I clearly was not up to it as felt guilty but I'm not sure it was always appreciated. If it was me having an upcoming surgery I would possibly this once put myself first. I hope you recover in time, look after yourself and hope all goes well Tina x

  • I had gastroenteritis the week before my surgery and the devestation absolutely crushed me as they had to cancel. I'd definitely say you're allowed to be a little bit selfish. Only you know how you feel and you know your boundaries. Why let anything get any worse?

  • Thanks ladies. I ended up going in because I felt too bad about letting any one down. The cough seems to be getting better but I'm still full of cold. Hopefully I can dose up for the next 3 days and get rid of it. To make things worse I started bleeding yesterday so looks like the dreaded time of the month is on its way! Preparing for pain!! Xx

  • HELP!! I've still got this stupid cold and cough. Generally I feel well, no sickness or fever just a stuffy nose and a bit if a cough. I feel fine to have surgery but worrying now that it won't get ahead. I guess I'll just have to be honest with them when being admitted and they'll have to make the decision. Just my luck! X

  • Good luck for tomorrow! Hope it clears up enough for you! I think it will be ok if you're not really bad! Xxx

  • Thank you, fingers crossed! I'm going to call them in the morning to give them the heads up then go from there xx

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