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So today I went for my post op appt.

Dr thinks it's stage 3, left ovary and Fallopian tube are stuck to the wall and endo is in two other places.

My choices are

-having an operation to have it removed and then having the coil

-having the op then trying naturally for a baby for a few months then fertility clinic

- having decapeptyl injections for 6 months

-carry on trying naturally (been off contraception for over a year but not "trying" as such)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

Feeling angry at the world tonight 😩


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Hi there,

So sorry to hear you're not doing too well.

I can only comment on my personal experience and that is of the coil. It wasn't a good one at all. I had it fitted during my lap and things were quiet for a few months. However, the pain came back with a vengeance until I had it removed in October. Since then, I've been in virtually no pain (up until the last week, funnily enough..). If you want a detailed post about my experience, I've written extensively about it; you should be able to see it on my previous posts.

The coil is one of those things that works for some ladies and not for others. However, if you are looking to conceive then maybe it's not the best option for you. I can't really comment on the other options but I'm sure there are ladies who can offer their advice and experiences to you.

I wish you all the best with your journey xx

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Personally, I would opt for full excision, but make sure you are being seen by a BSGE endo specialist, and then try for a baby naturally, fingers crossed but if no luck try fertility centre,

Obviously this depends on your symptoms, if they are bad the above would be best, then hopefully your symptoms will decrees or go, and you can get on with your future and hopefully be a pain free mum, the 6 months plan, well that's only temporary and probably just be in this situation again after 6 months,

I hope you find your right decision

Good luck with conceiving, xxx


I think it depends on if you want to be trying for a baby now or waiting for another year before TTC. I didn't have the option of having my endo removed at second lap due to the location but have had the other options

The coil I had fitted during a lap, it was awful for me unfortunately although I know it works for some. Even with regular follow ups with my consultant they requested I leave it 3 months for the bleeding and pain to stop as it can take that long to settle. It didn't and I had it removed 4 months post lap

With 6 months injections it took me a further 5 months after the last injection to have a period and even longer to have some kind of cycle. It did however mean these months were pain free , I did not have any kind of hormone therapy so some of the side effects ie hot flushes were pretty intense but much better than the pre injection bleeding and pain.

Once my injections were finished we still had to have IVF to conceive my son. One thing to note is that they won't commence IVF with your ovary issues and will require they are corrected, so for that point alone I would always say that it's worth getting it done now which ever option you then take. It will also put you in the best possible position for natural conception if you do decide to try before hormone treatments. Apparently the statistics are best for 3 months post lap and excision for conception (according to my endo specialist anyway)

Good luck and I hope which ever option you take as a good outcome

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