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Good evening everyone,

Hope everyone is ok this morning!

I woke up with pain in my right side and terrible back ache and feeling sick and fatigue. All my joints hurt and feel very sad and upset. Bleg.

I know it is the time of the month and it will come today or tomorrow, so i know why i have pain and what are the reasons.

I have been diagnosed with Endo last year. They only found 1 spot with surgery and when they removed it they said i shouldn't have any problems. They were so wrong. I have been struggling for a year now.

Trying a lot of things to feel better, exercise, walk outside, change my diet. Been to Gp's many times in 2015 and had 2 scan's this year to check if i didn't have any cysts back on my ovaries. Had a chat with Gynacologist in my own country and he wants to see me once a year, to make sure things are ok.

My exercises do help and when i have a walk outside i feel loads better, but it is so frustrating to have this vicious circle every month to go through. It makes me feel very sad, that not only me, but so many others have to fight and make sure to keep on top of things. It is exhausting.

I have been home now for 1,5 month. My work was worried about me and they wanted me to take some time off for me to chill, relax and look after myself. I have been going to counselling, which have been usefull and helpful, because i felt so down and sad all the time. I was snappy with my partner and my energy levels were down the drain. After working all day, making sure house was kind of tidy i just couldn't bring myself to do anything anymore, so i stopped the thing i loved to do, my hobbies weren't touched and reading was ok, but my brain was so frazzled i just couldn't take information in well and sometimes had to read it again. Luckily this is going better now with being at home and concentrating more on myself. My partner doesn't understand me well with how i feel, it is very difficult to make him understand. He is trying, but it is hard work. I did CBT as well, which again was helpfull and intresting.

I know people here understand where i am coming from, how this beast of Endo can make us feel, even when we have not much endo inside of us, it still can be horrible to live with.

I am sorry i babbled on, but just needed to write this off my chest, because it is hard sometimes.


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If you was seen a year ago, I think you should be referred to a endo specialist, you need to be re checked, your endo could have got worse or could have been missed in other areas,

There is a BSGE list online, have a look at that and take it to your gp,

Good luck



Thank you for letting me know!! I will have a look!


You need some progesterone cream my dear your poor emotions are wearing you out! I use to feel just like that and feel pretty much dead besides the emotional side I could hardly stand to do the dishes. Your estrogen dominant thats why you have all this depression and why you have the endo. I suggest a good progesterone cream which will help both those things and wobenzym to get rid of the endo and even womens best friend to help with moods and healing. Ive used them all and come a long way I got rid of a cyst so huge the dr said if he did surgery id loose my ovary with it. I said no thanks I was only 22 and wanted many children so I was on my own to find a solution. no gyno would do anything but prescribe a pill or awful surgery. Happy to say my cyst is confirmed GONE and its thanks to these products :) just an fyi though cysts and endo are all caused by the same thing estrogen dominance so these things will work for you too. I have underlying endo also which is still improving greatly since I cut out meat which feeds endo like crazy because of the hormone estrogen in the meat. Read below:) hope it helps!!

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Thank you so much for replying. It is always helpful to have other idea's and think what else i can do. I will research and see what i can get .

It is difficult when you feel so up and down and most days i am fine, yesterday was just a nightmare, i just felt so sad and completely not me and kind of back to square one. Now i feel a bit better, still a lot of backache, but my period started now, so feel less sick.

I hate feeling this way and have my body so controlled by emotions all the time, it is very tiring. But i am getting better and i should think more positive:)

Thank you again!


of course ! hope it helps you. I sure noticed a huge change in my self looking back it was like I was a whole different person. Take care!


Info on progesterone I use fertilica by natural fertility shop online or nat pro which this lady in the video reccomends


Enzyme therapy for endo or cysts it works!http://natural-fertility-info.com/fertility-enzyme-therapy


Info on progesterone therapy and how you may need a higher dose natpro-progesterone-cream.c... sje recommends nat pro because its very concentrated i go back and forth because the fertilica has added herbs tat intrigue me both are great !


Please can you repost the link - I can't see it. Thanks!


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