Pre-lap assessment

Finally received a letter yesterday for a pre-op assessment in preparation for my lap. 4th January, not too far away, so that makes me hopeful that the lap will go ahead by the end of January. Nothing in the letter says how long the pre-op will take or how long after my lap will be. I'd be grateful for your advice, how long did it take how many weeks after did you have your lap?

Thanks x

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  • My first lap was classed as urgent so I was seen for pre-op just under 2 weeks before surgery. The second lap I had my pre-op in may and didnt have the op until September. They were both at different hospitals so it does vary

  • Hi windmill, I'm new to all this so was wondering what would make someone an 'urgent' case, if you don't mind me asking your experience?

  • Hello jellycat. I had a dilated/ enlarged kidney due to endometriosis blocking my tube to my bladder (my ureter). This was shown on an MRI scan and therefore I saw both a gynaecologist and a urologist. The gynaecologist had a 3 month waiting list but I only waited a month for my first op as they were concerned about damage to my kidney. The second one I waited a lot longer as one of the consultants had been off sick.

  • Thanks for the info x

  • Mine was Nov 30th and had my op yesterday the 14th so 2 weeks xx

  • Hey Danielle, thanks, how long did the pre-op take roughly? An hour, more?

  • About an hour she rambled on quite a lot lol xx

  • Haha thanks, I hope they tell me who my consultant is, the NHS is rubbish for drip feeding you tiny snippets of information. X

  • Hello :) my lap was under emergency so it all went very quickly but I remember my recovery was about 3 weeks for myself. Hope all goes well for you xx

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