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Had pre op now waiting for date - really worried


Hi everyone. I had my pre op yesterday for diagnosis. They said I should have my lap before christmas and really soon if there is a cancelation. I'm really emotional today and was up a lot in the night just thinking about the whole thing. I'm really worried about being put to sleep and the thought of something going wrong. I hate my tummy being touched (I was tickled a lot when I was little and I panic if any one feels my stomach) so the thought of having to be cut there makes me feel really sick. I also keep thinking what if they don't find anything and I'm back to square one. I'm scared I may be in more pain after and don't want it all to get worse especially if they don't find anything to treat. Any advice would be great. Thanks x

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Try not to worry, it's all over very quickly, I think most of us worry more about them not finding anything, as we just what to know what's going on, you might be a it sore after, but it's not to bad,

Good luck x

Mummycox33 in reply to Tboag

Thanks for your reply. I know it needs to be done just trying not to think about it too much. Can I ask how long was your first lap xx

I had the same feelings before my op I was terrified about being put to sleep so much so i was shaking like a leaf. I think we all feel this way because it is out of our control but honestly its over before you know it, its just like having a nap. Best of luck x

Thanks for your reply. I think I maybe a bit shaky too I'm pretty worried already. Can I ask how long your first lap was xx

I think it was about 2-3 hours I'm not 100% sure as I woke up pretty groggy and I thought the clock said 5pm and it was only 1pm haha! If you can get through endo you can get through this honestly it'll be over before you know it and just remember this is a very common surgery that's done all the time you'll be in safe hands x

Honestly it's not as bad as we build it up to be. I will be real with you, the first week afterwards you will be sore. The first few days after I found it hard to move around but once the gas started to reduce it got easier. As for the cuts on your tummy I only had one in my belly button and once in my public region and I'm now almost 4 weeks post op and they are almost faded away. They took me for my surgery at 1:30pm and by 3pm I was back in the ward.

Mummycox33 in reply to Taren

Thanks so much for your reply. It has made me feel more at ease. I am worrying about the pain after but will defo take it easy. Xx

When you wake up from surgery let the staff around know if your in any pain as I had to have some tablets straight after i woke up, and for the first few weeks I pretty much had regular pain relief just spreading out the time between taking them. Glad your a little at ease now try not to stress too much xx

Hi honey, it is very scary. I've been in your situation but just think that once it is over you'll have an answer one way or the other. Cross this bridge first then deal with the outcome. You'll be ok, you're stronger than you think. Message again if you have anymore questions or worries xx

Thanks so much for your reply. It is so scary isn't it. I will be ok I'm just desperate to find out what's wrong and start feeling better but also worried at the same time x

It should be within two wk of pre op.

we're all in same boat, mine is 18th Dec. Stay strong it's for the best.

I've not been in hospital before so I'm nervous.

Think of how well you'll b afterwards. Nerves are normal hugs xxxxxxx

Mummycox33 in reply to Booboo08

Thanks so much for your reply. Sorry to hear you are worried and having to go through this as well. I have had an op before (appendix) but that was when I was about 8 so I don't really remember much. I hope we are all feeling ok for christmas. I suppose we will just have to rest and let everyone else pamper us :)

Good luck with your op. Hugs xxxx

Kpreuss in reply to Booboo08

I'm having surgery the same date - 18th Dec too! And I've never been in hospital! I'm nervous and especially being put to sleep😬X

Mummycox33 in reply to Kpreuss

Thanks for your message. I'm waiting for my date but should be before Xmas. I'm really nervous as well about the whole thing!! We can do it though we just need to be strong. Good luck and take care xx

Booboo08 in reply to Kpreuss

well have pm each other and compare how sh#t we both feel after :) where are you having it done?

im at north staffs in stoke xx

Mummycox33 in reply to Booboo08

Yeah that will great. I'm in brighton and having lap in lewes. Not sure what date having mine yet hope it's not too close to christmas though!! Good luck with your op. Will let you know how I get on with mine xx

I had my 2nd laproscopy a week ago today, i always panic when i get into theatre as its so cold but once they give you the anesthetic your asleep so try not to worry. I always think they wont find anything but ive been diagnosed with endometreosis twice now. They'll find it and then can give you the best treatment.

Mummycox33 in reply to Hanfan

Thanks for your help. It is so nerve racking isn't it. I just want to get it over with now. I know it sounds silly but part of me can't wait to do it so I can finally find out what's wrong and the other part of me is really worried. Hope you are ok xx

Hanfan in reply to Mummycox33

It doesnt sound silly at all, think we all go through the phase where we think they arnt going to find anything because you just want some help. Im getting there think i keep doing too much keep from forgetting that it takes longer to heal on the inside xx

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