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Endo and weight loss


I have been diagnosed with endometriosis again on Saturday (5 months after a laparoscopy for ovarian cysts and endo). Also, i am following an 80% gluten free diet and doing lots of exercise almost everyday. I find that i am losing weight but i was not overweight nor am i underweight at present.

Any one experienced such a thing and is it normal?

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Hi, when mine flares up I loose weight and it's always in the colder months yet I do a lot of walking x


It sucks.. You can never have an idea which method you choose can be effective.


I have lost a ton of weight since having it-mainly as it effects my appetite with the constant nausea.

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I have been prescribed Lutenyl and i feel perfectly fine while on it. Tomorrow is my last dose of it. I have been doing my yoga and exercise without any pain. I'm praying when I get off the pill it doesn't get worse.


I am on the low end of my BMI and I think this is because of the endo. I eat loads but struggle to keep the weight on. Also, I have to be careful about the types of exercise I do. It was suggested to be that to ensure I stay in the healthy weight bracket I should do weights rather than cardio vascular exercise.


I used to lose weight when I didn't feel like eating due to the pain from the endo. Now that I'm taking progesterone, I have less pain but have gained weight b/c the drug makes me hungry all the time.

On the other hand, maybe it's possible that you've just lost weight b/c you're doing lots of exercise every day?


I'm trying to limit my exercises now to see the differences. Despite all I have been trying GF diet, lots of exercise, being on Lutenyl, I still feel the pain and I'm pretty sure the endo is still here. This disease makes you lose all your means, duh! Trying to break up with my bf as well cause I do not wanna make his life miserable. Toooo much thoughts.. Urgh!


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