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Endo and losing weight?


Does anyone else have issues with weight loss?

For many years now I have been the typical fat kid who cannot lose weight,

I have tried many diets, starving myself, 24/7 gym sessions and still nothing.

Something that really worked for me was juice plus I lost weight but once I finished I put the weight I lost plus more straight back on.

Has anyone got any advice on weight loss tips?

Thanks Courtney.

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Hi Courtney,

have you ever tried the Endometriosis Diet? Or maybe the Paleo Diet?

I used to be quite overweight as a kid/teenager as well. I was a size 14/16 and now I am a size 8 and have been this size for the past 7 years :-)

I am 30 years old now and basically follow the Endo-Diet.

This also helps my Endometriosis pain a fair bit.


I basically don't eat any sugar, cows milk, gluten & wheat.

Instead I eat rice, sometimes gluten free pasta, sweet potatoes in every form lol, organic & free range chicken (if I can afford it), fish, sometimes pork, lots of vegetables, I cook my own soups and make everything from scratch. Instead of bread I eat rice cakes (it's nice with houmous and cucumber). You get a packet of organic rice cakes in the free from isle for £ 1 at ASDA. If I crave something sweet then I eat cashew nuts. Sometimes but very rarely I will have a piece of very dark chocolate the strong 85% one which doesn't contain milk or sugar.

One reason why I decided to change my diet is because I started a course in Nutrition a year ago. Learned a lot there. My tutor send me a lot of links to very helpful websites not long ago :-)

In terms of exercise all I do is I walk an hour a day with my dog through the park and my job is quite active. I run around outside with the kids at work a fair bit each day. But I never go to the gym as I have severe Asthma and pass out with an Asthma Attack after running for 5 - 10 mins.

Hope this helps xx

I'm in the same position as you.

I'm not too over weight but I hate the way I look and would love to drop a dress size or two.

I have cut sugar, glutine and wheat, bad carbs from my diet and increased my fat and protein intake but it's not made much difference so far. That's been sinse jan and only lost a few cm.

Starting to wonder if there is something wrong with me 😳

I also do 20min Hiit 2/3 time a week most weeks if I can.

Researched it a lot and it all says that what I am doing gets best results for long term.

Beware that cutting sugar makes you ill for a few days. I was bedded for near a week.

Good luck


I wish I could help. I am now feeling yuckier then I was because I just had a complete hysterectomy 7 weeks ago and my stomach is all bloated and sticking out. Ever since I started getting my periods when I was a kid, I started gaining weight. I sometimes can keep it off for about 2 years, then it all creeps back on. It's always the same 30 pounds too. Walking helped for a long time in just maintaining the weight, but then came the point that it was too painful to do anything.

I had weight gain, and inability to lose weight. Exercise, and calorie restriction just did not seem to work. I'm sure the endo affected my metabolism/ thyroid and adrenal function was poor as I was always stressed at work. As the post above, I now try to stick to the endo diet, drink reverse osmosis filtered water (no oestrogen intake), and this has improved my symptoms, my bowels work better (I have endo in the pouch of Douglas), and miraculously, I lost nearly two stone over a year, with very little exercise or calories restriction. It was like a revelation! I make sure I control stress and work, and make sure I get plenty of b vitamins. Perhaps improving my symptoms made me more mobile? I think my adrenals, metabolism started to work properly for one of these reasons, and the weight seemed to melt off. I've maintained a steady healthy weight now for around six months now. Ensure you get all your vitamins and minerals, diets will only restrict your intake of these. Do some exercise , but a gentle walk can be sufficient to tip the balance in the right direction.

I hope my experiences are of some help to you, or encourage you to explore to find the right things that will work for you.

Thank you all for your kind replies, I have been very unwell the last two days so I will get back to you all shortly.

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