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Endometriosis and weight loss?

Does this condition make you lose weight? Has anyone noticed that? Is it an endo related thing? Or is it purely diet related due to being on an anti-inflammatory diet cutting out gluten/sugar/ diary etc?

I have lost around 5 stone since this endo pain started in 2015. Although not officially diagnosed until last year, I am wondering if that has been a reason for at least some of the weight loss? I haven't been on the anti-inflammatory diet for that long so so it cant be that.

Just wondering if it's related somehow? I asked my GP who didn't think it was related but suggested it could be a malabsorption issue due to gluten and that i should just cut it out. Also because i am suffering from low iron (?) Or stress related. He did lots of blood tests to rule out anything serious and all came back normal except low iron so he's not too concerned atm.

Would appreciate any insight.


M x

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I have had symptoms of Endometriosis since 2007.. and it was diagnosed in 2015. Looking back to pre endo days.. I was a healthy weight, but since the symptoms started I began to lose wieght drastically and now cannot gain any weight no matter how hard I try. My symptoms also include nausea which puts me off my food.. so I feel like that had a big part in it!

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Same here. I feel i too am losing weight drastically and cannot gain no matter how hard i try too! Have gone from a size 14/16 to a size 8! ><. Yes that too, seem to have lost my appetite most days and feel nauseous, stomach seems to have shrunk too because my portions are laughable, even my 8 year old nephew eats better than me!

Family are all concerned on how thin I look and keep asking whats going on. I honestly don't know anymore but I thought lets just see if this endo has anything to do with it and i guess maybe it does! ><

Thanks for giving me some peace of mind.

M x

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Thats ok! You're actually the first person I've come across who has lost weight due to endo symptoms as well.

I know what you mean about portion sizes being ridiculous, for me it goes down alot during and after my period.. so for two weeks every month I can't eat that well and the other two weeks ish I get back to normal..

Yes that' happened to me. I was healthy weight 8st for my height the moment I started getting endo flare up I went to 6st, I was lucky to have been diagnosed with 4 days of experiencing severe endo pain. After surgery I have noticed my weight has gone up in a healthy way.

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So i guess it is related! I wonder why that is? Was it just that you were not feeling hungry?Or something else? I mean is the weight loss hormonal? I am just trying to figure out why they're connected. ><

Thanks anyway

Glad you're recovering

M x

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For me i think it was the pain relief pills they made me loose my taste buds but I also had a high infection markers in my stomach when I was admitted to hospital the pain was horrendous all on my lower abdominal, pelvic and uterus. I dealt with that for 11months before finally getting surgery.

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oh dear :( Glad it got sorted.

Wishing you a happy pain free life

M x

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Thanks you too.

I'm going in on Sunday, for a scan just for a check up.

I’ve lost loads since diet changes x

I have always been light weight, but I have also always had heavy periods and more than likely anaemic. I have had GPs telling me that when people eat healthily they don't need supplements when i explained years earlier that I was taking supplements to help me, this was years pre-diagnosis. I was confused as to why I was receiving such comments as I was always eating healthily, so I ignored it. But looking back and putting together all the symptoms that I have been through for a number of years (because the GPs did not do their job properly). I think my weight loss over the past 2 years since a very late diagnosis is a joint combination of stress, anxiety and the strict exclusion diet that I follow, but there are also days like today when I really don't feel hungry, I have snacked a bit to avoid the energy crash. I would think that there is a link between weight loss and endo. Maybe that's the reason why the stereotype of the endo woman is a slim, stressed, professional woman who does not show what she goes through, this is the stereotype that I have heard about, it does not mean that this image fits everyone. But we are often stressed because we are also so very often tired, trying to be like everyone else, without realising why. However, since the diagnosis, I try to snack every 2 hours within my exclusion diet, on top of having 3 meals, so as to keep my blood sugar level and to avoid feeling tired. Maybe that's the key to not lose too much weight?

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Hello there.

Thanks for your reply. You know what? I think you may have just hit the nail on the head. With this : Quote" But we are often stressed because we are also so very often tired, trying to be like everyone else, without realising why". Unquote. This really hit me hard. I realised I have been doing this on a subconscious level but never really knew how to say it. 😕

I never thought of it that way. On the outside we look just like anyone else. On the inside their is a constant turmoil/battle/ kaleidoscope of pains/emotions that nobody knows about and even if they do, don't really understand. The stress maybe stopping the good weight gain that comes with being mentally happy and relaxed.

I must admit I too don't feel like eating much during the flare-ups. Making healthy meals from scratch is near impossible, can't eat anything that you can just bung in the oven/microwave which would usually mean processed so not endo friendly. So I would just snack on fruits, yoghurt, oats, etc like you to just keep energy levels up.

On my endo free days i eat a lot better but I guess its not enough to cause weight gain if the other half of the month i am just snacking here and there. Makes sense.

I have found some vegan protein powders that i am buying soon that should help with the weight gain and trying to add bigger portions of quinoa and gram flour to my food. Also have started adding coconut oil too to meals and hot drinks to help. Here goes 😁

Thanks for that!

M 💕

I am the same and after each surgery I have - weight increases- I think because nausea and tiredness and headaches improve and I am able to eat a good meal - Endo problems starting again with awful stomach problems- so not feeling as hungry 🥺 so worried I will start loosing weight again it’s a vicious circle xx

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Sorry to hear it. ☹️Just feels like it's never ending sometimes. Appetite not so great these days cos it's flare-up time. Couldn't even finish my plate had 3 spoonfuls and I was full.

Hopefully it gets better when the pain becomes manageable.

All the best

M x

I know- stay strong- are you due any treatments x

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Nope. I give up with doctors. Just diet/exercise and healing through those. Hopefully.

M x

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