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Oopherectomy bowel attached to womb. Pain. Daily pain

6 weeks ago I had a lap. Found stage 4 endo. Removed both ovaries one tube. Could not remove uterus as the bowel is now inside the uterus? It was in an endo centre. I was told if they took uterus I would end up in iTu for a month and with a colposcopy bag. I have been told that the uterus will now shrivel and the endo will shrivel also that the pain will now end. I want to know has anyone else had this experience? Does the daily pain end since the op they have increased the tramadol and added in gapapentin and amytripyalin. I am also on buscopan, ibuprofen, solpadol, I rattle!! But am still in pain. I need the pain to end !

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Hi, what an ordeal, must be really tough for you. Was this your first laparoscopy, if not what were the original plans for surgery? Do you know what was the reason they removed your ovaries, did they excise any of the endometriosis at all - with you saying they expect it to shrivel. I think you need to request a copy of your notes, so you can see exactly what was found and done.

6 weeks is still early days really, hopefully the pain will start to calm down soon, monitor your symptoms and if you find they don't get better, worth considering getting a second opinion with another different endo specialist.


it was to search and remove endo. they found severe endo basically everywhere they excised as much as they could but could not take the uterus or one of the tubes. he informed me that due to the ovaries being removed the uterus will shrink and so will the remaining endo that is joining the uterus to the bowel.

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That's good if they excised as much as they could, but really not ideal, hope things start improving for you soon. I do think it would be useful for you to get a copy of your notes, and consider a second opinion though.


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