Weird butterflies, tickly pain sensation in womb?

Does anyone know what this is or had anything similar?

I keep getting weird tickly, butterflies type feeling around womb area, I think I'm due on about now (can't tell when I'm gonna bleed exactly due to merina coil) im also getting the bad period cramp and sciatic pain but not had this before. It's really uncomfortable and to be honest it's freaking me out a bit 😞

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I get this. I told my mum the other day it's like something fluttering inside (more on my left side for me) I have no idea why but would be interested to hear what other think xx

Hiya, when I had mine put in they said it might be a sign that it's moved so maybe go to the Dr and get it checked just in case x

I've had my coil in for about ten months now, do u still think that's what it might be x


I get this too, but I don't have the coil. Would be interested to find out what it is. In my case, I feel like my baby is back in there, gently kicking me X

Your coil may have moved into your womb. I'd make an emergency appointment with a female nurse who does coil checks. Or go to the walk in family clinic. It will take 5min. I don't think it causes any harm if it's noticed quickly But it will mean you don't have any contraception. So use something else until you know for sure it's ok.

Some girls check for the wire theirselves but I can't do that. If your happy to feel for it yourself then that may be an option.

It may be nothing but sound like the coil has moved.

I have just checked my coil strings and they are there. I'm really unsure of what to do now, if I try to get a docs app they don't take me seriously and as I can't explain the feeling properly I'm really put off going x

Yes I used to get it a lot, never found out the cause.

Yes I have experienced this feeling but it's usually just before my period is due and I don't have the mirena it just seems to be another strange part of being a woman. Do you have endometriosis? I do and have just thought its probably connected to that and nothing more.

Hi, yeh I have got endometriosis. I agree it probably is related. Just another new symptom to add to the forever building list I suppose, it just feels really irritating x

You can see your GP for a coil check and just mention the feeling that your getting if just to put your mind at rest x

It could be when you are ovulating as I can sometimes feel the same things. I am pretty sure it's called michllesmirtz (may not be spelt correctly sorry!) 😊. X

I found it mittelschmerz lol, how did u find that. It says just about pain though nothing about this weird feeling, it would make sense for it to be ovulation I spose x

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