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brown discharge for a month

i've been having brown discharge for a month now. it started mid-cycle and was quite light in the beginning but then it got thicker and it doesn't stop. some days it's less and some days it's consistent like period blood (but still brown). my period was also late (i'm quite irregular anyway but my cycles have been longer and longer lately) but i still had it. i had menstrual blood and the same discharge at the same time. now my period ended but i still have slight cramps, the same feeling you get before your period starts. what could it be? i'm not on birth control or any medication. there's no distinctive odor or itching. i am sexually active.

i know i should go and get it checked, just want to know if anyone has any idea what it could be.

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I had this symptom before I was diagnosed with endometriosis. It's the symptom that led me to have a scan. I would go to your GP to get it checked x


I've had endo for over a year now (diagnosed on Friday in laparoscopy) and for the past 3 weeks I had only just developed this symptom - despite being on the pill continuously. Have you been to your gp about endometriosis or are you thinking that you may have it? X


I had no idea what endometriosis even was until yesterday when i started looking for advice. haven't talked to my gp about it. also, i don't have bad period pains, just slight cramping before and during my period (and only sometimes).


It could be anything, I wouldn't worry about it being endometriosis unless you have any other symptoms of it :) best to go and ask your gp, it could just be a bacterial infection or something easily fixed :)


Endo is possible but not the most likely cause unless you have a range of the symptoms for some time. I would go see your gp to start eliminating the other possibilities like infections first off.


Hi! Sorry I don't have the accurate answer for you. I experienced brown discharge several times. And in a short period of time after it I was diagnosed on endo. I don't know whether this is a coincidence or brown discharge is one of the endo symptoms. The best thing is to check it out with the dr. And 1 month period is quite long.. Take care and keep us updated x



-Before the period (when a woman is trying to conceive)

-During the menstrual cycle

-After the period

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