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Taking cerazette for the first time. Bleeding again :(

So I have been suffering with an as yet undiagnosed stomach problem for 6 months meaning I couldn't take any pain killers (made me sick) and struggling to keep on top of my diet.

I've had.period pain for 8 years (I've had 3 periods painless, my first and 2 when travelling). With everything that's been going on o was no longer coping with the pain (taking time off work and just wallowing in self pity for the 3 heaviest days).

I was prescribed cerazette and started it he next day as I'd just got my period (and was told to)

my doctor said I probably would get periods any more but if I did they would be light and pain free. I was already on the first few days so didn't expect any difference. I hoped it would be my last period! My period ended and I had 2 weeks with no problems, my skin isn't great but as I said my diets been a bit iffy. Also I am happy to exchange heavy, lomg, painful periods for bad skin!

2 weeks later and I started bleeding. 2 days it was a bloody discharge, only really noticable when going to the loo. Then it got heavier, nowhere near usual but heavier. Today it's getting heavier, and I'm in pain again!

Can anyone tell me if this is not.al? And how long will I bleed for? I've got a weekend away on the 12th and can't be like this! How long after stopping taking it will I bleed for? If I give it 6-10 days like a normal period and the stop taking it will I continue to bleed anyway?

If any one can help me I'd be grateful, I e had 6 months of being ill and 1 week out of 4 bleeding and in pain, I can't cope with being like this even more! And miss out on the first fun thing I've planned since May.

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This was similar to my experience when I first started with Cerazette but the bleeding seems to have settled down now. It can take a while to settle down and varies from person to person but I'm finding it fine now and for me it's been worth it to stop the horrendously heavy bleeding X


Thanks, I was hoping I'd be one of the lucky ones and be instantly cured :( How long did it take to settle for you?


This was also a very similar experience as it took along time for things to settle down for me! I would say a good 4-5 months and the bleeding completley stopped! I havnt bled for over a year now! I still get slight pain but nothing compared to what I used to get! I do think you need to give it a good 3 months and then decide as its a shock to your body and it needs to get use to it! Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you X


Thanks, and there was me being led to believe this was a quick fix!


Sadly there is no quick fix with Endo! I wish there was! I was unsure about it at first thinking why is taking so long but my doctor was adamant for me to stick it out for a year and I'm glad a persevered and did! Obviously everyone is different and it may not be the pill for you and if you do feel that bad on it please try something else as there a plenty of different brand pills to try! Good luck X

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It took about 3 months to settle for me. Glad I preserved with it because my other option was the Mirena coil and I was a bit squeamish about the thought of that! X

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