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6 days post lap hysterectomy with removal of endometriosis from bowel and bladder.

Good day everyone,

Finally had my big op last Monday and recovery is slow but sure. Has anyone heard to removal of recto vagjnal nodule? Apparently I have had that done 😁 Would that cause pressure on your bladder? Currently I am in and out of the toilet with the need to wee it's getting so frustrating but I don't think it's a water infection as there is no burning and wee doesn't smell. Has anyone had total hysterectomy and how long did the doctor sign u off for? X

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Hey I've had rectovaginal done, it shouldn't cause pressure on your bladder but bear in mind you've just had surgery; everything will be a bit swollen and tender/excess fluid etc. So that could explain it. I would have your urine checked with gp just to be on the safe side.

As for total hyst; it was about a 12wk recovery for my mum. X


Hi, thanks for your message 😊 Did your mum have endo as well? Did she have lap hysterectomy? X


Hi, no my mum had a benign tumour that had stuck to her womb so they removed everything and it was laparotomy not laparoscopy.

I would agree with Lindle for the sort of surgery you've had the minimum recovery would be 8wks, for me is was closer to 12. Take it easy on yourself, you're prob on a lot of pain meds right now which are masking the full extent of how you feel - it can hit you later on - rest as much as you can and take it very easy, it will give you a great start to recovery X


Hi - a rectovaginal nodule wouldn't cause pressure on the bladder as it is between the back of the cervix and front of the rectum so some way from the bladder. But you had endo on your bladder which will have been shaved off and the bladder is a very sensitive organ. It is absolutely normal for it to be sensitive for a while after excision and that will often cause temporary frequency and/or urgency. It is really great actually that you are peeing normally so soon and you sound to be recovering well as 6 days is SUCH early days. It terms of overall recovery the excision may take at least as long as the hysterectomy to recover from. You have had very major surgery and certainly should give yourself at least two months before turning a corner. Listen to your body and don't think of going back to work until you know you are ready for it and if possible go part time for a while. Make sure your family know the extent of what has been done so they don't expect too much of you - it is so important not to feel under pressure to do anything when only you know your body and how you feel. x


Thanks for your reply Lindle much appreciated. My surgeon kept saying its major surgery and I keep telling myself that but it gets frustrating not being able to do anything as so tired 😔 Are nodules just pieces of endo or something different as mine have been sent to the lab for testing 😁 Xx


Nodules are considered one of three types of endo (ovarian endometriomas, peritoneal and nodular). They represent endo encased in fibromuscular tissue so present as lumps. Nodular endo is associated with dense adhesions and the biopsy will confirm that there was endo in there. Have a look at my posts on RV and uterosacral ligament endo. x


Thanks lindle will check that out on your page. How are u keeping? X


I'm doing fine endo wise as I am an old lady now! But the immune side still plagues me with allergies. Have just been laid flat for a few weeks with the wretched tress spewing their pollen.


Hi Leanne,

I had a lap hysterectomy , appendicectomy and bilateral ovary, bowel surgery 2 years ago.

Recovery will be slow, listen to your body. Lots of internal stitching to heal. Some days ut was one step forward , two steps back. Emotionally it was tears and flustration some days as unable to be do even simple things. I had to invest in a granny stick grabber as couldn't bed. The children were amused with this. My youngest was 6 years old st the time and my daughter was studying her gcse's so difficult. My husband was my carer for 2 weeks and then grandparents stayed 8 days as I couldn't do much. Started off walking around house, then short walks outside , sleep, sleep. Total exhaustion and flustration. My husband realized how much I did and was exhausted. Housework, dog walks, school runs and work for him was hard lol x I used to do online showing and get it delivered when he was home from work as unable to lift anything. I had two urine infections post op and then hormone probs which were set backs. I built up stamina walking and gentle swimming. It was hard and I thought I would never get there but I did. Arranged to have phrased return after 3 months off with work as demanding , heavy job. Tore my calf muscle week before return so another set back further 6 weeks off, needing physio. Don't rush things otherwise you'll end up with complications. You'll get there TV, reading, studying, helping children with home work , walking, swimming kept me sane!!!

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