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Endo and coil

I've been struggling with awful periods for 20 + years and just death with them. It got to the point I just couldn't deal with them anymore and saw a consultant Monday. He took a biopsy and said it's probably endo and he thinks I should have the coil fitted. I had 4 cesarean sections my last being 16 years ago . How can he just assume? I'd hate to have this coil and it cause me more issues . Anyone have any good things to say about it

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As far as i am aware a coil will not treat endo. If you do indeed have endo you will require surgery to remove it. Personally i wouldnt let him fob you off with this option and demand that a proper investigation for endo is made.

Good luck xx



I had terrible periods since starting, they were awful. I tried the coil and it was amazing it didn't stop the bleeding but reduced the days to 3 and I only had to wear a panty liner as it was so light.

It was half way through my 2nd coil that the endo symptoms started with me. I had a 6 month break between my 2nd and 3rd which was awful but my 3rd coil made my symptoms worse.

I would recommend the coil if you have heavy bleeding but not for "treatment" of endo. I would ask for surgery with excision by a specialist. x


Hi, I hope you're consultant is going to do more tests??

The coil is prescribed for endo as the progesterone coil should eventually stop/practically stop your periods which in itself will help endo as no oeriods means endo wont keep growing.

The coil is a common "treatment" for endo. The POP (progesterone only pill) works the same way though so maybe try that first?

I tried the POP and coil and unfortunately neither worked for me but everyone is different.

I had Zoladex as my treatment because the endo was too extensive to remove via a lap and I didn't want major open surgery.

Good luck xx

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Endometriosis can only be confirmed by laporscopic procedure. Don't let them fob you off. It'll just get worse and worse. However the coil is my next step, should mine come back again. But hoping to conceive before this happens. The coil is proven to be helpful for endometriosis. They say the combined pill also helps relieve symptoms, but it's not proven to be treatment for endometriosis.

Hope this helps.



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