Is a coil a good idea if you've got Endo?

Hi Ladies,

I'm hoping to get some feedback please

I've just had my second child, and now looking at contraception options

after my first child I went back on the pill 6 weeks after giving birth, it sent my hormones crazy & I was an emotional mess. As soon as I stopped taking it I instantly snapped back to being my old self. This has therefore put me off going on the pill. My husband and I don't intend to have anymore children and whilst he's potentially going to have a vasectomy now is not an ideal time to have it with his job so my midwife has advised looking at the coil, I understand there's one with hormones and one without, what's concerning me is the fact that periods can become heavier and more painful after having it fitted.

Is it a good option or will it affect the Endo?

Look forward to hearing your feedback

Thank u xx

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  • Mirena (hormone) coil is often suggested as a treatment for endo as it can cause periods to stop or at least get lighter.

    I've tried it for 8 months, having it removed this month due to constant bleeding and spotting. I have heard it works very well for some ladies though xx

  • Thanks Janine for the feedback

    Sorry to hear it didn't work for you xx

  • I had the mirena coil fitted as a treatment for Endo and it has helped me so much. Took a few months to settle, I don't have periods anymore so the pain has eased such alot. Defo worth a try good luck :)

  • I'm on my second Mirena and not happy with the second at all. The first was good as in no periods for 3 years but the dull pain was always there. On my second i have a lot of pain. Not so much bleeding but back pain and cervical pain. Also have swollen boobs that have started making milk again, hormonal headaches and feeling very emotional. So it works for some and it's worth a try. But my doc said to do another Mirena before surgery and see if it helps. Brought on lots of other things on top of pain. So lost hope. I think where my doc went wrong is cancelling the op. What he should have done is remove all endo as far as possible and then put mirena in.

  • Thanks for your feedback

    It sounds to me like you need to have an op to remove the Endo if your suffering with pelvic & back pain like you are

    My sister has Endo and really suffers with back & pelvic pain, she's had 3 laparoscopies to remove Endo along with an ablation & still she suffers

    Really hope you can get an op soon sounds like you're really suffering x

  • I had the mirena fitted in 2013 after having my second child and it's been brilliant. After a few months my periods stopped and only get the occasional twinge now and again. Fingers crossed it's the same for you. Xxx

  • Same as the above, Ive had 2 brilliant ones, no bleeding after the initial settling period of time. Lots of bleeding upon removal but you have 5yrs to brace yourself for that!

    Good luck


  • i had the copper coil fitted and it caused be 4 years of agonising period pain and heavier periods, my periods weren't that painful before and the pain cleared up for a while after it was removed (my husband had a vasectomy). The pain returned a year later and I now suspect I have endo, I don't think the coil caused it but I certainly think it was much worse with the coil!

  • That's a good point, I hadn't thought about if the Endo comes back whilst I've got the coil

    Thanks for your feedback

  • I have a Mirena, it stopped my periods, which is good. Doesn't send my hormones crazy like the pill does. Did get regular spotting which sent pain into stratosphere. My gynae has suggested low dose 50 hrt patches to stop that. It seems to be helping, no spotting yet or hormonal imbalance, but it's only been 2 weeks...

    Hope you find something that works for you x

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