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Stage 4 endo, starting Lupron (artificial menopause) injections. Help!


I have stage 4 endo and my gyno is having me do six months of Lupron injections because it's too soon after my last lap to do another surgery. I'm in severe pain everyday, nausea, cramps are unbelievable and what's really most irritating is ever since my lap if had in June I've been bleeding 2-3 times a month even though I'm on birth control which is being used as hormone therapy. Has anyone had luck with Lupron? I feel like my gyno isn't being fully honest with me on side effects. She even told me to stay away from the internet with my questions. Lol. Just looking for an honest answer on how your Lupron experience was. I'm 24, have stage four endo that has spread to my right kidney and bowels, I also have IC. Thank you for your help 😊

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Hi Lizgreen,

This may not be direct to your concern but a little helpful information. I have realize our specialist do not want us to get worried with information from the internet hence their advice we stay away from the Net.

I have stage 3 endo and had my lap in 2009, this reoccur and I was given Zoladex 10.3g in April. Though the pain is down im not menstruating im beginning to get worried. My specialist keep assuring me I shouldn't worry but just two weeks ago I read on the net about the type of diet we eat and also we need to exercise. Currently I prepare Ginger (turemic) drink with apples cider vinegar and some garlic. I think it makes feel better. I take it every morning and evening. The ginger helps in the nausea. Please try it. All the best. xoxo

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Please go here for current medical research on endometriosis...I have DIE endo and it's been destroying my pelvis for over 30 years...it's critical to get into the hands of a specialist...there are only about 100 specialists out of 52,000 gyns who know this disease well enough to help you...I would not let my primary dr. deal with cancer if I had it and if I had a do over I would only let an endometriosis excision specialist near me in regards to endometriosis...dr.'s spend 15 min in medical school on this disease and it's a serious disease...please do not take it lightly...lupron and hysterectomy with or with out ovaries removed is NOT a cure...trust me from experience...

accurate and current medical research on this disease found here


for info and support got to

Nancy's Nook on facebook


This is not meant to scare you but you must be your best advocate for your health when dealing with endometriosis...getting into the wrong hands is going to make your life so much more challenging and in the right hands you have a shot of living a normal life...I diagnosed myself through the internet after 13 years of trying to get help from Dr.'s then they told me complete hysterectomy was my only cure...I did it and guess what 7 years later because again Dr.'s saying not possible to have endo after hysterectomy I found a specialist and had frozen pelvis again from you guessed it...ENDOMETRIOSIS....so please go to the above places so you get off on the right foot from the start! Stage 4 endo in the hands of a specialist is not a problem...in the hands of an unqualified gynecologist your story will be much different...


Do your due diligence! I hate when they say "stay away from the internet." Mine said the same thing and kept pushing Lupron. Finally the endo surgeon said it was very hard on your body and your memory and advised against it as did the pain management doctor I started seeing. I had stage 4 endo (now stage 2 after surgeries) with bowel resection and oopherectomy. If you are not comfortable with the idea of something, trust your gut.


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