Artificial menopause?

Hi everyone. From checking out the forum, there are quite a few ladies using the hormone treatment. Has it worked for you ? I am 30 and would like to start trying to get pregnant in 12-18th months. I have reservations about the hormone treatment. I haven't had a diagnostic lap to confirm endo, is being offered the hormones first a normal course of action? I'm just a little overwhelmed at the moment.

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  • Hi there

    this seems a little extreme to start you on what I'm assuming is the GNRH analogues

    Such as zoladex ,to bring on a pseudo menapause because you mention artificial menapause in your title .

    I'm on zoladex and have been for a good while now although it has made a huge difference it can come with a lot of side effects and health issues.

    I sort of think you need to get a diagnosis of endo before considering this line of treatment and the only definitive way to diagnose this is via a laparoscopy .

    if it's the contraceptive pills they are suggesting then ignore the above !!as there is absolutely no connection between the two .

    I hope this helpful in some way .

  • It's the GNRH he wants to put me on. Seems extreme as a starting point.

  • Hi there just give it a lot of thought I'm trying to put you off but GNRH are really serious stuff

    As I said I've been on them long term my choice but it's no means plain sailing!

    Any chance you could see him again to talk you through some more options ?

    I wish you all the best with what you decide

    If I can be of any help if you decide to give them a go I'm happy to share both good and bad !!

    Take care

  • Sorry meant to say I'm not trying to put you off !!!!

  • It was the only option he gave me. It was basically have this and come back in 3 months. I can't do anything till the letter comes through anyway.

  • I have to agree it seems a bit excessive I had the laparoscopy done here in Cambridge. Amazing consultant not great with people to be fair but knew what he was doing! after the op i was told 3-6 months to get pregnant if not start the hormones and after 3months of hormones we would then start IVF they would roll into each other.

    Luckily I got pregnant before my first hormone injection! But my endo was returning at month 2 after the op.

    I went for the blood tests for the hormones ex and they called up to say no sorry as you are pregnant! That was after the lap! I am not a Dr but I would think the option of a lap would be at least offered.

  • Seems a bit extreme. My gyn would not give me gnrh analogues on the basis that she insisted I had a lap with endo removal first and then it could be considered if I was still in pain. I would question the decision....good luck

  • Thank you for your response. I'm going to talk with my GP but I don't think I will end up taking the treatment unless I get a 2nd opinion and they can 100% reassure me it is the best way forward. I'm also concerned because my mum started peri menopause at 35 so I don't think messing with my hormones is a good idea.

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