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Diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo

So yesterday I had my first lap.

To be honest I think the anticipation of it was worse than the actual event. All the ladies at Princess Anne hospital in Southampton were absolutely amazing and have been taken such good care of me and talking to me not just popping in and out to do checks which has been very comforting.

I was diagnosed with stage 3/4 endo which my consultant managed to remove most of.

I had a particularly large patch behind my bladder which has meant has meant catheterisation and I have stayed overnight.

I'm quite sore and tender and come over in bouts of pain but fingers crossed now I won't be in the excruciating pain I was before

Don't be nervous about the lap ladies it is literally over before you have time to think about it

Now I have 2 weeks to recover and eat lots of chocolate !!!

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Hi!! That's great news! The lap really isn't as bad as you think is it?! I hope your recovery goes well. Did they find any cysts? Were they able to tell you what the free fluid was?

Safe journey home. I hope you have a pillow and a careful driver?!! X


No it really isn't! It was supposed to take 30 mins although I was under for an hour but that's because of how much there was.

She didn't mention any cysts or the free fluid I think I'm going to see her again today so I will ask then and update you but she's scheduled a 4 month check up anyway so if I don't see her today I have that.

I do I have a big cushion my dressing gown and a very ocd careful driver haha!

May not be going home tonight though if I still can't wee! They've just stopped my cath to see what happens so well see shortly!



I stopped two nights and when I have my excision (they were only able to to remove the cysts) I think I'll request two nights again. It's much easier in hospital!! I loved the adjustable bed!! Good luck! X


Yeah totally! They did say they might let me go home today but I'd have to take the catheter with me which I don't really want to do! I'd rather stay and fully recovered especially as I needed so much help in the night. Plus the bed is great I think I'll be so uncomfortable in my own bed plus worrying about the cath! Do you think I can ask to stay another night? I pay my taxes after all and I've never spent any time in hospital before!!!


I would tell them that you don't feel happy going home. It was different for me as I was private and could stay as long as it was for medical reasons. But I agree, you want to stay until you feel recovered enough to go home. It's worth asking! X


I did and they said yes but they've told me I'm not to sit in bed all day here I have to get up and wander around xx

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