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On and off periods!

I have stage 4 endo, I had my first correcfive surgery in june and all has been reasonibly calm and I thought after a year on cerazette I thought thungs were better but I am back bleeding on andoff constantly. I have period pains, red blood for coupoe of hours and then real sdrak brown blood discharge that carries on for weeks almost stopping and starting up again. Does anyone else have this problem? X

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Hi. Yes i have started experiencing this myself recently. I have another appointment with my gynecologist in a few days. Apparently the brown blood is the endo and isnt good. Iv been told to have an urgent blood count too to check how anaemic its made me. Make an appointment with your gynecologist to see what they can do for you x


Thank you FeliciaRose! Its good to know its not just me. Its so frustrating!! x

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It is extremely frustrating hun. And its even more frustrating that no-one understands why we worry and hurt so much. Stay strong. See your gyne..see what they can do for you. Iv got my appointment today so if i find out anything i can let you know x


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