Advice on periods?

I just had a period and baring in mind I havent had a child..but it was so painful on an off it was like a contraction? As in it was intense pain for a few seconds/ minutes...then releases the cramp and I'll be okay for a little while, then go though it again..I got diagnosed with endo in December, Iv never had a period like this before...

Has anyone else had this?


Emma xox

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  • Hi yes mine is always like this every single month, so don't worry it's normal. Well its not normal but normal as far is endo symptoms go. Did you have your endo removed? I had mine removed recently so just waiting to see if it has helped with the pain xx

  • Yeah I had three patches removed but three weeks after that I was back to square one with all the symptoms, I'm back at the gynaecologist next month for the next step x

  • Oh god I'm sorry to hear that!! Endo is honestly a bitch!! Hopefully she will be able to give some sort of helpful advice about what to do next x

  • Thank you Hun. Hope everything works out for you too xx

  • Thanks you too 😘

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