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Mirena Coil - positive story

Hi everyone,

Just to say, I know that many people on here have had various (and sometimes awful) experiences with the mirena, but I think I am finally out of the horrible "settling-in" stage and life's pretty sweet at the moment.

Having been told I can no longer take any form of the pill due to horrendous side effects for many years, the mirena was recommended to me and I was really apprehensive at first, but I had it fitted during my lap in November and for about 2 weeks didn't even realise it was there/felt nothing.

After about 3 weeks, I then had 7 weeks of constant bleeding (not spotting, period-style blood) and horrible pelvic pain every single day. After about week 4 or 5 I started questioning everything and was tempted to book an appointment to get it removed as I was losing my mind.

I've been free of all that for about a week now, and, even though I might be tempting fate by writing this message, I'm finally feeling pain-free and positive. Despite being very worried about trying it due to horror stories I've heard, I really am glad I persevered.

But that's us endo-ladies, we don't give up that easily!!

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It's reassuring to read a positive experience with the mirena coil. I also had horrendous side effects on the pill and am really apprehensive it's not going to work out for me. I only had mine fitted 6 days ago in my lap and I've had some really bad pains from it settling in (felt like it was stabbing in to my cervix the other day 😳).

So happy it's working for you! My friend said hers took 3 months to settle but she absolutely loves it now - it's been almost a year and she's had no further problems. There is hope after all 😄


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First of all, hope your lap went really well and you make a quick recovery! xx

Yea I think for me, it was really reassuring that my consultant pre-warned me about it. He basically said you have to think about it as though you're climbing a hill - the climb might be difficult and you might have points when you want to stop and turn around, but once you're over the top the benefits are really great. I'm really glad I believed him and stuck with it, and I really hope yours settles super quickly! It's no fun having all the horrible pain with endo, then the lap, and then the very thing that's meant to make you feel better (the coil) also gives you grief, but it really does feel so great when it settles and makes it feel worthwhile.

Very best of luck with yours! xxx

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Thank you, I'm doing ok and finally starting to feel like myself again.

I love that! Definitely going to try and stick it out. Thanks I hope it settles quickly too 😬 I know, it just feels like another thing we have to put up with even though we've already got (what feels like) the weight of the world on our shoulders. All this pain seems so unfair but hey we're fighting it and not letting endo win 👊🏼💪🏼. After 17 years of very heavy long periods I'm hoping it will make it a little better - anything else would be a bonus.

Best of luck to you too!


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I had mine put in in November as well but I dont think mines settled yet (I havent had endo removed though) but I would say between the combined pill and the coil the coil has been awesome and the better choice 😉 My period are so lighter I no longer get pain when I pee on my period I get occasional dull aches but nothing I cant handle 💪🏻 I've found my daily pain hasnt gone but I'm been tested for gastro disorders 🤔


That's awesome, I'm glad you've noticed improvements! It can take up to 6 months to fully settle and I'm sure everyone is different with it, but keep going and I hope you get the answers you need from your tests xx

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I know I cant wait to not hopefully have a period anymore 😭 Hopefully 🤞🏻 Xx


I’ve had the mirena for nearly two years and I think it has really made a difference it took a while for things to settle, I’m still having a few issues with pain and the consultant now wants me to take a pill as well but I get awful side effects. The only other option I have is add back therapy and hrt I’m just so confused and don’t know what to to do for the best.


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