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First period post lap

Morning ladies, I had my lap to remove Endo from the left ovary, pod and utero sacral ligaments four weeks ago. Adenomyosis was also found at the time. They also did a d and c and fitted the mirena.

Prior to this, my last two periods were about three days long, light and only brown and black blood and tissue. I started my first period on Saturday and it's the same story. I assumed the d and c would have fixed that so I would have fresh bleeds again albeit lighter because of the mirena?

My past four or five cycles have been 35 days long so I guess this is now the new normal for me. Is that why I don't have any red blood anymore? Or does it mean I am still retaining menses and therefore likely to have Endo grow back?


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Hi ladies, does anyone have any insight on this? X


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