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Black and brown bleeding

The things we talk about but I need to know if it's normal.

I'm waiting on a lab for endo and my periods are usually very heavy dark at the beginning then alot of bright red blood and clots then dark near the end.

I came on my period right on time as usual it started dark but it's still staying black and very light. I'm in day 3 now but I can feel in my stomach with the pain etc that it's not the end of my period.

Can anybody she'd some light?


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I'm in the same position when it's light you think it's finishing then woosh! But I can also feel with the cramps that it's definitely not over

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I had this before my lap, the dark/brown light bleeding lasted for several days before each period. It gradually increased to the point that it was all month but since my lap this has not been a problem at all X


Thanks for the reassurance xx


Dark brown blood is just old blood. Usually nothing to worry about!


I've not had any fresh blood in my period it has just been black and now stopped


Black/brown blood is old blood - it's pretty normal for endo ladies to have a few days spotting/bleeding with this before/after periods - when endo is flaring some even have it constantly between periods.

If you aren't doing it already - get a diary (or even just an a4 page for each cycle) and write down your symptoms daily. You can use highlighters to see quickly if there are patterns to your symptoms/bleeding so you can assess what's 'normal' for you.

It's useful when reviewing how you're doing with your gynae consultant.

Also very common for endo ladies hormones to go totally out of whack from time to time - maybe a new lining didn't build up this month and that's why no bright red blood. Or (if you aren't watching your dates closely) this could be mid to late cycle bleeding and period could be yet to come! Anything goes with us so try not to worry x


Thank you. I am like clock work that's one thing that is constant. It was a normal period but just black. Like you say maybe a new lining did not form.

Thank you xx


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