"The Case for surgery for endometriosis" Insightful article explaining why laparoscopic excision is currently best proven treatment for endo

A really powerful, informative article from one of the leading specialists in the USA - about lapex- laparoscopic excision surgery. It explains why complete removal of all the disease in this manner, is a proven successful treatment for relief from the symptoms of endometriosis - this treament is already available to us too! It debunks many myths about surgery, and the common pitfalls why surgery can fail to give long term relief from endo symptoms - if it's not done correctly. Also explains about hormones and GnRH drugs like Prostap, Zoaldex etc and the limitations of using them for endo, and that they should never be used as "diagnostic tools."


Please be aware that this is also the kind of surgery offered here in the UK @ the BSGE Endometriosis Centres - bsge.org.uk/ec-BSGE-accredi... However there does seem to be inequalities in the skills of the surgeons at the various centres, so please do your own research before you decide where to be referred. Make sure to ask to ask your surgeon lots of questions about how they will treat your endometriosis too - these are a good start: endopaedia.info/treatment10...

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  • Praying my surgeon is the best fitted for the task! I asked for an appointment with one of the leading experts in UK but his waiting list and my current level of pain led me to book the surgery with a younger doctor who has dine his fellowship with him and has been part of his team for years... Three weeks go go now!

  • Good luck, hope your surgery will be really successful. :-)

  • Thank you!!!

  • That's a really good article and I agree that it's probably the only way endo should be treated. I was in theatre for over 8 hours at my lap three weeks ago and the surgeon is confident he has removed all endo so I'm really hoping so. Having been operated on twice and seeing the difference of expertise at a specialist centre, through my own personal experience I would urge anyone with severe endometriosis to request to be seen at a specialist centre where staff are passionate and understanding in treating endometriosis.

  • Excellent, really glad you had such a good experience. Excision is definitely the only way endo should be treated. Absolutely baffles me that the NHS think it's a good idea to keep carrying on burning endo, and putting many women through pointless, repeat ineffective surgeries, causing them unnecessary suffering. Rather than give all women thorough excision surgery first, therefore the best chance of a "cure!" and better quality of life. It's all so short sighted too - if they did proper surgery in the first place, it would save them money in the long run!

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