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Apologies for the long post.

I started my period when I was about 13. And immediately started suffering. I would be in agony for 8 days, feeling nauseous and bleeding heavily. I thought this was normal and my mum told me that it was just periods. End of.

Then I started getting really bad stabbing/burning pains on either side of my pelvis or across it. I couldn't stand up, it made me want to throw up everywhere. Again I was told it was just periods.

One morning I got out of bed and collapsed in pain and was off school that day.

A week later on remembrance Sunday I was just about to March with the army cadets when I started getting that pain. Next thing I knew I was on the floor writhing in agony surrounded by people. An ambulance was called and I was given oxygen as apparently my lips were going blue.

I was taken to the local community hospital where they said it was probably an ovarian cyst and referred me to get an ultrasound. My mum still thought I was overreacting.

I had that ultrasound, which showed nothing, so they suggested the cyst burst.

That was it until I was 17. I lived with the pain, the heavy, irregular periods, the nausea, the tiredness, the bad back.

It got to a point where I was in pain every day. I ended up seeing my GP begging for another ultrasound, something wasn't right. Reluctantly he referred me again.

This time I had an internal examination aswell. Still nothing.

At my follow up appointment the GP suggested i had a hormonal imbalance and put me on the microgynon contraceptive pill.

I still suffered with the pain when the periods arrived every three weeks. And was constantly tired and at one point was prescribed iron supplements as they found that I had very mild anemia.

Eventually I changed pills as I was experiencing bad migraines. The pain came back.

So I insisted on another scan. Which again showed nothing.

Then I went on the implant. I still suffer every now and again. The pain just hits me like a jolt.

Recently I was asked whether I thought I had endometriosis. After looking up the symptoms....even the odd ones such as sugar cravings, bad skin, tired eyes everything was put together like a jigsaw.

It also answers some questions. I've always had a weak bladder. Some days I need to go every ten minutes, sometimes I'm desperate but cannot go.

Sex used to be very painful but now just aches.

So I bit the bullet and went to my new GP. She referred me for another ultrasound then if that shows nothing I'll be referred to a gynaecologist.

I need answers.

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I was very similar to this. I have always been fine and got on with it. Then in 2013 I was having constant urinary tract infections which would not go no matter what I did. I was in so much pain. And then in the June 2014 I was laying on the sofa talking to me mum and just started screaming with pain to the right of my pelvis. The pain was unbarable and I fell on the floor writhing. I went to hospital and they told me it was my appendix and for four days prepped me for surgery and didn't give me any food or water. I eventually got to have an ultrasound which in turn showed nothing so I was discharged barely able to stand still.

I was still in agony every single day so I continued going to my gp who told me I was making it up for attention and was struggling with depression but he still sent me off for scans with the hospital. I had over four scans and one internal all around my ovaries and still nothing showed. I had a follow up appointment with the doctor at the hospital and he said maybe you have endo, take your microgynon pill for 3 months with 1 week break as it decreases the growth and then it was up to me to have the laparoscopic surgery. I had it over a year later and found endo on both my ovaries and behind my womb and removed it.

Mention it to your gynaecologist and see what they say but don't give up on it!


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