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Anybody have the same as me?

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Hello there :)

Just found this website and thought it was brilliant. I've just turned 22 and got told I had endo when I was 19 when they found it during a laparoscopy. When I was at college I get rushed into hospital as I had severe abdo pain and I began to bleed-a lot. After lots of scans I ended up being rushed down to have a laparoscopy as they found a large 8cm dermoid cyst on my ovary. They removed both my right ovary and the cyst as they could not save the ovary. I recovered fine but about 18month later my pains came back but this time I had other things such as back ache, weight gain, my tummy was sticking out a lot and really bad abdo pain. So I went to my gp and got a referral for another scan. They assumed it was bowel related for some reason and I had every bowel related scan ever. Was horrible. I then got told I had ibs so strictly followed my diet. That still didn't work. Given my history I knew it must have been endo related. A month ago I got rushed into a and e due to abdo pain again and being violently sick. I got admitted on a ward and scans were done. They found another cyst on my left ovary, it's 4cm. They were going to operate but told me that there was a risk of me having to have my ovary removed which would leave me infertile and start suffering with the menopause at 21( just turned 22). So all papers signed to go through with a lap and another doctor comes and stops the whole procedure. Refers me for a scan just after Xmas and I see a specialist who will have every intention of saving my fertility. My tummy is absolutely massive at times and I'm on loads of pain relief so feel like a walking zombie! I'm just so worried. My emotions are all over the place I keep crying loads in random places too, and if that cyst has grown I've no idea what will happen. I want children one day and can't bare that to be taken from me :( has anyone else gone through this?

Hannah xxx

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There's a doctor who is renowned for saving fertility, in the UK, see his website:

It's tough I know although if they do have to remove it, you can freeze your eggs (and if you retain your uterus) to enable you to have your own children in the future.


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Hello Maria,

Thank you for your reply. Would this all have to be done private or would I get the same options on the NHS? As I'm currently under a consultant with the NHS not private xx thank you xx

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I believe he does both so you can get your GP to refer you via the NHS - if you contact the specialist via his website he should be able to give you more details. Good luck!

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Sorry to butt in, Mr.T only does private now unfortunately, he used to do NHS but he doesn't anymore, I literally saw him yesterday!

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Ps. I get VERY bloated and have it on my bowels. And if it helps, Mr Trehan told me to never ever let anyone take your ovaries, even with large cysts on because they can be saved so it's good that this surgeon sounds like they want to help you and not remove it which is excellent!

I drink peppermint tea to make the bloating more comfortable, it's only a little relief but it's something at least.

Before my appointment yesterday I was SO worried about my fertility because of what other doctors had implied and I cried so many times for it and drove myself literally crazy but now I know that with the correct treatment and right surgeon there's no reason why I or anyone else shouldn't get pregnant. Might take a while but it's a hope at least!

Hope this helps good luck! Xx

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