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Visit with the colorectal surgeon

Just a little bit of an update really. I headed to to the hospital today and saw the colorectal surgeon and I was really impressed at not only his attentiveness but his knowledge of endometriosis and how it may be effecting his area of specialities.

He even asked me whether I had been on zoladex etc and talked me through some of the pictures from my last operation, finally someone who listens. He examined my stomach and certain areas were painful. I am now waiting for a sigmoidoscopy, not overly looking forward to it but apparently I will be sedated. Not only is he going to do this to see what is going on but he was kind in the fact he said a young woman of your age deserves a better life which was lovely!!

He also said that he is personally going to follow my gynae appointments and will try to attend general clinic appointments when he can (I thought this was way above and beyond what he has to do) but he also said he will be present at my next lap to try and aid in the process.

Its just one of those days where I have major faith in the NHS and feel really lucky that I have two really fantastic consultants!!!

Heather x

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Hi Heather

I am so pleased you had such a positive meeting. Doesn't it make all the difference when you have somebody who you know is in your corner?!

I've known my NHS consultant for 15 years now and have her email address so that I can bypass the GP if I think something is wrong. I emailed her last week to let her know that my Mirena had run out and I would like to have another one fitted at some stage - she was on holiday but arrived back yesterday when she emailed me and said she could fit me in at 4.30 YESTERDAY AFTERNOON! I couldn't get there, but wow...

I know I am extremely lucky, but whenever I hear anybody complaining about the NHS it saddens me. I've had nothing but extremely positive experiences.

Good luck with it all from now on xxx


Hi Heather,

I'm really pleased for you that your appointment went so well and that you have faith in your consultant!! If you have any questions about the sigmoidoscopy feel free to pm me as I've had a couple of those :) they aren't as bad as they first sound I promise!!

Emily xx


What a nice man! Glad it went so well. Don't worry about the sigmoidoscopy - as Emily says, not as bad as it sounds. Good luck with it!


I am so happy that you had a good appointment - good luck - and remember - it's how you feel, not what you are told x


Thanks for posting about your positive experience Heather. Its really refreshing to read of such a fantastic outcome to an appointment and glad you know you're in safe hands with your consultant. He sounds a gem!

Best wishes for the next stage of your treatment, x


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