Pain outside of period

Hi I was wondering if anyone else has pain outside if their period ? I an not diagnosed bit have been referred for 2nd ultrasound in two weeks I have pain all the time now pain on my left side which if pressed gives me a sharp pain in my back X not getting anywhere with my gp I see a different one every time can anyone offer advice I don't know if to jump for surgery or try yet another pill or the coil

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I do,I get period pain a few weeks off and on before my actual period then period like pain afterwards to. Pain on left side is constant and ibs issues. This has been going on for years until I finally got referred to a gynae who has booked me in for a diagnostic lap next Thurs.

Sounds exactly the same as me think I'm gonna have to take the plunge and go for lap to x

HI there,

Unfortunately the pain I experience is a daily occurrence. There is usually a few days the week after my period where I get a break... Buy that's about it.

I get pain all the time. At the start of the year the pain was bad on the left side which just made every Dr say it must be my bowels. The only way to get diagnosed is with a surgery which means you have to be referred to a gynea. Ask the Dr for one. If you haven't tried the pill or coil then give it a go. You can go to the Dr or a family planning clinic/gum clinic. If your sexually active then that's the only reason you need to give for them to give you the pill or coil.

I have had the marina coil for 2 years and it didn't stop endo for me but it stopped my period. Worth a try as its the first thing the gynae will insist you do anyway. So if you get the ball rolling while the Dr refers you, it will be an advantage.

Yeah I have period like cramps all month long, especially on the left side and it refers into my back. Scans won't diagnose endo, just cysts so it's best to get referred for diagnostic surgery if you feel able to x

The doctor would not refer me to gyne until I had a scan and said there is no point getting the coil if I want to try for more children next year. I think I just want some resolution to it as it's really starting to affect my life now and looking back on can see it's getting progressively worse

Think I'm scares of the coil but if it helps with the pain it's gotta be worth it X Thanks for ure posts ladies I think u know u have endo when u would rather feel the hot water bottle burn u then suffer the cramps X it doesn't help that the doctor won't give me anymore mef-anemic acid 😢

I had an external and internal scan and they found nothing, it probably is the best way to get them to refer you to gyne. A clear scan can mean it's likely endo because scans don't detect it. I know how you feel, I'm sitting here with a hot water bottle as we speak! Also from experience, try and see the same doctor every time because then you'll get continuity and won't have to keep explaining x

That's good advice I will ask the surgery if I can see the same doctor in future X have u had a referal for lap?

Linzi - No not yet, I've been given the millinette pill to take for 3 months as a trial to see if it helps with pain. No luck yet but I've been taking it less than a month. Going back to ask for referral for lap asap x

What is millnete ? Is it a contraceptive pill

Yeah it is x

Yeah I have had continual pain for 6 weeks minus possibly 4 days I was started on another pill three weeks ago and I'm going mad moods are horrendous xxxx

Not being horrible liking all your posts girls just so sorry you all going through the same pain and it's good to know I'm not the only one as I was beginning to think I was cracking up as pain lasting so long hope you all get some releaf soon zxxxxx

Thanks debs X Yeah it really does help knowing ure not the only one one in this pain all the time X

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