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Do I have endo?

I have had symptoms over the last 2 years including lower back pain, ovary pain/ache/sharp pains upper thighs and groin area sharp pains and dull ache.

I am on the pill and have been for 8 years, my periods have recently got heavy and painful but not always been.

I have been to 4 or 5 different GPs has swabs, blood tests done etc. At first I thought my symptoms were the same as pelvic inflammatory disease and the GP gave me a course of two week long antibiotics which I am reluctant to take as I don't think it is PIV

I need help I'm 23 and it's getting me down whatever it is. My main concern is fertility, when I'm out at weekends with my friends having a drink the pain goes away but as soon as I'm home or at work it's constant.

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I have all these symptoms too, I'm 21 and yet to be diagnosed. My doctors have fobbed me off with IBS for 7 years and it's only now they have suggested endo. I've just started the pill but I'm in pretty much constant pain. It does sound like you may have it, has your doctor referred you to a specialist or mentioned endo yet? Sorry you're suffering but you're not alone x


No they've not reffered me or even mentioned endo. I'm thinking of booking another appointment. But when I tell them my symptoms they just give a me a confused look and have no idea what it is. I keep saying I no something is up. I also get lots of twinges in groin area.


I know what you mean, I've gone to the GP and hospital with rectal bleeding (sorry tmi) and they didn't care one bit. They just said it's 'inflammation' or its nothing to worry about when NHS website says it's a 'red flag' symptom. Maybe try seeing a different GP or just point blank refuse to leave until they refer you. It's disgusting how we are treated when in so much pain, but we have to be forceful and strong about seeing a specialist. I've been sent away with the pill for 3 months but I'm going back asap.


Yes think I will choose yet another gp. I just feel like I'm putting them out in there and wasting there time but I know I have something causing these pains. I've been on the pill for 8 years it's only the last 2 years I've had symptons of this I'm thinking of coming off the pill just to see if that makes a difference


That's understandable but it's their job and they shouldn't make you feel like you're not important. I'm not expert but I think the pill masks the symptoms of endo, so you've probably always had it but the symptoms have been covered up. I think your body can become used to the pill and so it doesn't cover them forever.


Hi - can you click on my name and look at my posts on rectovaginal endo to see what you identify with and on how to find a specialist. Feel free to private message me if you want help getting treatment. x


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