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Hi all,

Well i would be due to be going to my pre op appointment shortly for my lap but it has been postponed now until next week :(

I've got a few questions that i want to ask my specialist but i thought i could get some advice from you guys on this if possible please :)

I have been taking a multi vitamin with iron and also evening promise capsules for quite some time now but i also started to take a separate vit c tablet and also a magnesium with b6. I'm a little worried as to should i be doubling up on the magnesium as it is in the multi vitamin as well but the b6 isn't. The vit c is also in the multi vitamin but i don't think there is a daily limit on vit c is there?! :/ Also i got some cod liver oil capsules but I have not started taking them yet does anyone else take these or any other vitamins/supplements that can help with endo?

I read somewhere this week too that its advised to stop taking vitamins and supplements before surgery as it can thin the blood is this true if so my lap is due end of the month so it is best i stop now just worried as i don't want to pick up a cold or anything!

thank you in advance :)


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Hi! Can't answer all of your questions. But I do know that it is best not to take too much magnesium and calcium at once. This is just because your body can't absorb much all in one hit. I take my multi vit with breakfast and then the additional supplements (magnesium, vit c, zinc, folic acid, fish oil) with my evening meal. Hope that's of some help. Good luck! X


thank you for your reply :)

Yes that's what i thought, i thought of just taking the multi vitamin but I have read somewhere that its best to take b6 whilst taking magnesium so that's why i got the separate tablets, i couldn't find just a b6 on its own. Does your multi vitamin contain magnesium?



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