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Endometriosis and Me.....2 weeks post-op

Unfortunately not a pain free day today, such a shame. I feel like my first period will be arriving soon which I am absolutely dreading.

I also got my follow up check appointment in the post this morning and which is on the 6th December but on a slightly worrying note the consultants secretary called me to change my appointment as the consultant wants to see me sooner rather than later so I am now in on 25th October.

My last two stitches dissolved last night and my wounds are pretty yucky! Will have to give them a good clean.

Today I bought my 'fight like a girl' endometriosis awareness t-shirt and a bracelet. I am also thinking about becoming a volunteer forum moderator for endometriosis UK and possibly think about doing some campaign work.

Fight for a cure.......

Yours Sofie x

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I had my lap almost 2 weeks ago too. I know the feeling about waiting for the period... am dreading too! My follow up is in 3 months' time, although I know most people get seen after 6 weeks, not sure why I have to wait so long. How do you know that your stitches have dissolved, I can't see anything. My wounds are very clean luckily. Have been weaning off the dihydrocodeine that I've been taking for months, hoping to be 'clean' by the end of the week. Luckily my pain has gone completely now, I am having the time of my life! I got a bracelet too, where did you get the T-shirt?


Where did you get the bracelet and t-shirt from I would like one.

I am currently doing a sponsor swim/walk/run 2000 miles for Endometriosis.

You need to keep an eye on the wounds as I went back to my GP a week later saying I am in absoulte agony and the wounds do not look right, he replied they are fine and it is just my body recovering.

The next week I felt awful so I decided to go to the walk in centre and they told me one of my wounds (the one on the left) was infected so I had to go on Anti-biotics and a cream.

Fight for a cure, there has to be one around the corner.

If you need to chat give me a message.

Kind Regards



Hi ladies!

I got my t-shirt from Zazzle. Just search fight like a girl on the Zazzle website and they should appear. I think I paid £20 for it.

I have got a silicone wristband and I made a bracelet too. I am doing some fundraising at my local hospital soon and thinking about selling the bracelets and donating the profit to Endometriosis UK.

Wounds look ok now they were just bait sore but they are nice and clean and look tons better, will keep an eye on it though.

Fight for a cure!

Yours, Sofie.


I also had my lap 2 weeks ago but still get sharp pains now and again, is that normal? My stitches are dissolving but I have this little white puss filled spot, sorry I know it's nasty but could this be an infection? I just wanna start ttc but waiting for my period to pass.


Hi RTC9, I am still having pains but my period started this morning so it could be due to my period.

Regarding the puss filled spot, I would see your GP it may be nothing but it could also be a sign of infection.

Fight for a cure!

Yours, Sofie


Thanks Sofie, is ur period normal? I'm not sure whether I've had cos was bleeding for a week after the lap



Erm unfortunately not no. It's just like it was before my lap. Pretty disappointing really :(


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