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Full hysterectomy help please

Good morning ladies,

I would like to ask those ladies who have had a full hysterectomy some questions. I have severe endo and likely Adeno. I'm will be nearly 48 when the operation will take place with hopeful full excision of endo. I would like to ask how are you feeling, how long was your surgery, how long where you in hospital for, how was your hysterectomy performed keyhole, tvh etc. Did you take GNRH before op? Did you take HRT after and how has that been, did you experience very bad menopause symptoms. As much information as possible would be very much appreciated. I am seeing my BSGE specialist on 3rd Nov to discuss both the excision and full hyster. Also what help did you have after your hyster with the hospital or GP, like pelvic floor therapy, massage to help with adhesions, pain management etc. Did any of you use natural remedies to help with menopause? Sorry for all the questions I needed preparation prior to d day when I see consultant on 3rd Nov to say yep go ahead eeeeeekkkk I'm very very scared 😲😷 ladies xx

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Hello, I had a full hysterectomy, 12 weeks ago, my overies where left in, so no hormones needed, I had adenomyosis and have endo, I think ive recovered well from my op, but still have similar aches and pain, I had excision of endo, but have a feeling, it's either back, or not dealt with properly,

I didn't go to a bsge centre unfortunately, he is a specialist in hysterectomys, but I feel I did the wrong thing now, I should of held out for a centre,

Looks like I'm going to need to go that route now,

Ive had 1 follow up at 3 weeks and seen a Pyhsio once, got another physio next week, that's it, can't get hold of surgery documents, Gp hasn't had them,

Hospital stay was great, nurses lovely, surgeon came to see me a few times, all went to plan, you defo need help after for a few weeks, but after 2 weeks icould make tea and sandwiches ect, take as much help as you can get,

Good luck with everything,


Hi thanks Tboag. I'm seeing my BSGE Specialist on 3rd Nov to discuss the excision of endo and the hyster side of things, I have a lot of questions to ask.The likelihood is for me to have surgery next year, no date has been arranged. The most pain I'm is the 3 endometriomas in my ovaries and the uterus. I will keep you posted. I need to talk about organising physio, pelvic floor treatment etc and need to find out if they do it at hospital or I can get it organised through GP, the thing is my specialist it quite a way away, so if this can be arranged more locally then brilliant. Take Care and Catch up soon. Keep in touch Sarah xxx


Well I'm six months post op and pain free. Had ovaries, cervix and lots of adhesions removed. In hospital 4 days as I had so much done but not because I was poorly just nurses looking g after me. Took a good 4 months to recover to be completely pain free but I am k ow back at work full time. No pain no tiredness. I don't take HRT as I'm worried about causing endometriosis to come.(also removed during surgery) only menopause symptom is being very hot n night sweats but I'd have that any day over the pain , oh and my age 42.

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Wow Jooles, that sounds brilliant. Lovely to read positive responses. Realistically anything would be better than what I'm going through. The scariest part is the not knowing how I will be when I come round from theatre. How have you been with pain and your menopause symptoms? Xx


I have been on prostap since April which is a gnrh it worked wonders for me x


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