Endometriosis after a hysterectomy

Hi, I had a total hysterectomy ( womb, ovaries, cervix and ablation everywhere incl bowel etc) over a year ago and for me its the best thing I did. I've had four laparoscopies and tried mirena, pill, synarel and two successful pregnancies over the years and it would still come back. As I was 43 I went on evorel HRT 50 patches a month after the hysterectomy to help with menopause symptoms (ESP flushes like crazy day and night). For the past year I've never felt so good in 20 years of living with endo and would have happily stayed on HRT. Unfortunately the endo came back ( it evidently doesn't for everyone) a little at first then with vengence ESP on bowel area. I came off HRT and it receded v v quickly on its own and is not a problem. Have menopause symptoms back but no endo. Overall I still would leap at the hysterectomy for me- pain free and my immune system is so much better.

My question is- has anyone had similar with return and how did you manage it, also any tips for balancing hot flushes with endo as many options involve oestrogen. Thanks.

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Hi I'm just getting ready for my hyster on Wednesday.thankyou for sharing such a positive experience even with the return of the endo you have mastered it and not let it beat you. I hope you receive the answers re alternatives to oestrogen HRT as I would be extremely interested. This is probably my only concern. I'm hoping that I don't need it and can cope without. Maybe that's wishful thinking. ;) sorry I've not been able to give advice but will follow your post for the advice you may receive. Hugs. j x

I've been advised to have the same, I'm 41 I'm fine with removing womb but the lack of ovaries scares me for later life, they say it increases the chances of oesteoporosis and heart disease, I'm on the waiting list but I'm still very undecided - my consultant told me that hrt does not cause endo to grow back and that it was a myth :/ he is an endo specialist so I don't have much confidence in him. I am worried about them removing the endo from bowel too - was your endo lasered or excised off? Xx

Hi I'm sorry I don't have any answers neither but was so surprised to see how happy you were after hysterectomy, I'm on list for one apparently might be June this year, but I'm scared I've got stage four endrometriosis, and a stuck bowel to my womb, I'm 40 in may this year can't have children husband and I so we just gave up, and had our pets, but my concern is ? Endrometrisos coming back, they taking both ovaries out, but my other concern is my bowel stuck will I end up with a bag,and what is the best thing to be on for HRT when it's done so that the oestrogen dosent let the endo come back, it's nice to no you were happy with the hysterctomy do feel better after reading it. Lots of love keep well xxx

Really glad my post was helpful and thank you all for comments back. I think the HRT is a really tricky one, two gynaes here said it would be fine even though I'd done some research into it and it seemed illogical to take ovaries away and then give yourself oestrogen! When it did cone back another gynae at same hospital conceded it could. But I do know someone who had had same and has had HRT for several years now and no problems. It seems it genuinely is fine for some and you just don't know which you'll be. I am glad I had it, not least because it gave me a really good year getting over the hysterectomy and took horrid flushes out of the equation - plus hair and skin etc all looked better. People say that's still the case so I wonder if its the riddance of dragging and acute endo that is the true difference. Really all the very best for your decisions and the hysterectomy tomorrow. While I was on a catheter - I took full advantage and drank loads and loads of water and cranberry juice to flush system and reduce water infections. I think that helped with no extra effort! All best!

Have a read of "TheMiracle of Bio-identical Hormones" by Dr Michael E Platt and also "Estrogen Dominance" by Dr Michael Lam.

I had the same- grade 4 endo, had everything removed - cefvix tubes ovaries, only mine came back after 6 months - my consultant said it was due to HRT and because I am 45 he has advised i stop HRT completely and just have bone density scans every couple of years - i am happy with this advice... hope u get sorted out x

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