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Waiting for lap for confirmation of endo

Hi ladies,

I've just recently had a hospital stint as I had a lump just under my belly button which was very painful to the touch. I had surgery to remove it. I also had various blood test internals and a ct scan. The results that came back were enlarged ovaries, free fluid on my pelvis and blood in my urine...the lump they removed they believe was a fatty cyst type lump considered to be endo. I have a gyne appointment tomorrow as they have mentioned lap and camera up the rear end! It's all making very anxious any advice anyone can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks ceri x

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Hi CeriKing2004

I had a diagnostic lap last week to comfirm the extent of my endo (stage 4). I was given a general anesthesia for the procedure and ended up with 3 small incicsions on my abdomen(navel, left side of abdomen and pubic area) These were then sticthed with absorbable stitches which I am having removed by my practice nurse this Friday. My surgeon inserted a camera into my abdomen during the procedure and I will be seeing the photos when i have my follow up appointment.

Everyone reacts differently to surgery, but for this diagnostic lap the only problem I had was trapped wind which mainfested itself below my diaphragm and across my shoulders. I will never take burping and farting for granted again!!

My only previous endo surgery was a laporotomy and the laporoscopy was way more preferable to that. Diagnostic laparoscopy is the best way to get endo diagnosed, so please don't worry about the procedure, it will be a relief for you to have a diagnosis one way or the other.

Good luck xx


Thank you for taking the time to reply, I had my gyne appointment yesterday and they are going to do a lap to confirm and fit the coil at the same time... Also she said I need a camera up my rear end as I have constant bowel issues is this produre normal to investigate endo?xxx


According to the endometriosis-uk.org website, a small camera (flexible sigmoidoscopy) is one of the ways to diagnose endo in the bowel. You will probably have to do bowel preparation beforehand (which is lots of fun-not!) I really wouldn't panic about it though, you'll be asleep for the procedure so you won't feel a thing!

Make sure you get all the information available to about the procedure and do not be afraid to ask questions. Best of luck x


Thank you for your kind words im sure I'll be fine I've had theses symptoms for 15 years and it seems it's finally getting sorted! X


Just a quick update it is endo! Had some removed from left ovary and back of the womb! I'm 4 days post op and the only real pain in in I beleive is from the coil :( x


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